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Polotow, D. & Brescovit, A. D. (2014). Phylogenetic analysis of the tropical wolf spider subfamily Cteninae (Arachnida, Araneae, Ctenidae). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 170(2): 333-361. doi:10.1111/zoj.12101 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Afroneutria immortalis Ctenidae 348, f. 8D-F (m) Ctenus immortalis
Amauropelma trueloves Ctenidae 346, f. 6B, 15B (mf) Amauropelma trueloves
Amicactenus eminens Ctenidae 348, f. 8A-C (m) Ctenus eminens
Anahita mamma Ctenidae 345, f. 5E-F, 14B (mf) Anahita mamma
Asthenoctenus borellii Ctenidae 355, f. 15C, 17B (f) Asthenoctenus borellii
Asthenoctenus bulimus Ctenidae 360 (Tm from Ctenus) Asthenoctenus bulimus
Asthenoctenus tarsalis Ctenidae 360, f. 5B-C, 13B (Tf from Ctenus, f. m) Asthenoctenus tarsalis
Celaetycheus flavostriatus Ctenidae 352, f. 12B, 17F (m) Celaetycheus flavostriatus
Chococtenus miserabilis Ctenidae 360 (Tmf from Ctenus) Enoploctenus miserabilis
Ctenus dubius Ctenidae 351, f. 11A-B, 13D-G, 16B (mf) Ctenus dubius
Ctenus inaja Ctenidae 346, f. 6D (m) Ctenus inaja
Ctenus lejeunei Ctenidae 345, f. 5D (f. m) Ctenus lejeunei
Ctenus manauara Ctenidae 350, f. 10A-D (m) Ctenus manauara
Ctenus ornatus Ctenidae 347, f. 7A (m) Ctenus ornatus
Ctenus villasboasi Ctenidae 352, f. 12D, 14C-F (mf) Ctenus villasboasi
Enoploctenus cyclothorax Ctenidae 346, f. 6C, 17D (m) Enoploctenus cyclothorax
Enoploctenus inazensis Ctenidae 360 (Tmf from Ctenus) Enoploctenus inazensis
Guasuctenus longipes Ctenidae 349, f. 9C-D (m) Ctenus longipes
Isoctenus coxalis Ctenidae 353, f. 13C, 17E (f) Isoctenus coxalis
Isoctenus foliifer Ctenidae 352, f. 12A (m) Isoctenus foliifer
Kiekie curvipes Ctenidae 352, f. 12C (m) Ctenus curvipes
Kiekie sinuatipes Ctenidae 354, f. 14A (f) Ctenus sinuatipes
Ohvida modesta Ctenidae 360, f. 7C (Tm from Celaetycheus) Ohvida modestus
Parabatinga brevipes Ctenidae 349, f. 9A-B (m) Parabatinga brevipes
Phoneutria fera Ctenidae 351, f. 11C-D, 18A (m) Phoneutria fera
Thoriosa taurina Ctenidae 347, f. 7B (m) Thoriosa taurina
Toca bossanova Ctenidae 347, f. 7D, 13A (mf) Toca bossanova
Viracucha andicola Ctenidae 345, f. 5A (m) Viracucha andicola
Vulsor isaloensis Viridasiidae 346, f. 6A, 15D, 17A (mf) Vulsor isaloensis
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