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Tanasevitch, A. V. (2014b). New species and records of linyphiid spiders from Laos (Araneae, Linyphiidae). Zootaxa 3841(1): 67-89. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.3841.1.3 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Asiagone perforata Linyphiidae 72, f. 7-14 (Dm) Asiagone perforata
Asiagone signifera Linyphiidae 69, f. 1-6 (Dm) Asiagone signifera
Atypena cirrifrons Linyphiidae 72 (Tmf from Pranasoona=Atypena) Atypena cirrifrons
Atypena cracatoa Linyphiidae 73 (Tm from Millplophrys=Atypena, lapsus) Atypena crocatoa
Atypena pallida Linyphiidae 73 (Tmf, from Millplophrys=Atypena) Atypena pallida
Bathyphantes paracymbialis Linyphiidae 73, f. 15-23 (Dmf) Bathyphantes paracymbialis
Hylyphantes graminicola Linyphiidae 75, f. 24-25 (m, S of Hylyphantes birmanicus) Hylyphantes graminicola
Laogone cephala Linyphiidae 76, f. 26-32 (Dm) Laogone cephala
Nasoona asocialis Linyphiidae 78, f. 33-38, 44-50 (Tf from Oedothorax, Sm) Nasoona asocialis
Nasoona comata Linyphiidae 78 (T from Gorbothorax=Nasoona) Nasoona comata
Nasoona conica Linyphiidae 78 (T from Gorbothorax=Nasoona) Nasoona conica
Nasoona crucifera Linyphiidae 81, f. 39-43 (m) Nasoona crucifera
Nasoona setifera Linyphiidae 78 (T from Gorbothorax=Nasoona) Nasoona setifera
Nasoona wunderlichi Linyphiidae 78 (Tmf from Gorbothorax=Nasoona) Nasoona wunderlichi
Nematogmus asiaticus Linyphiidae 83, f. 51-58 (Dmf) Nematogmus asiaticus
Neriene birmanica Linyphiidae 84, f. 59-65 (mf) Neriene birmanica
Neriene macella Linyphiidae 85, f. 66-74 (mf) Neriene macella
Theoa hamata Linyphiidae 88, f. 75-80 (Dm) Theoa hamata
Genus Family Page
Asiagone Tanasevitch, 2014 Linyphiidae 69
Laogone Tanasevitch, 2014 Linyphiidae 76