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Huber, B. A., Colmenares, P. A. & Ramírez, M. J. (2014). Fourteen new generic and ten new specific synonymies in Pholcidae (Araneae), and transfer of Mystes Bristowe to Filistatidae. Zootaxa 3847(3): 413-422. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.3847.3.5 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Artema atlanta Pholcidae 417 (S) Artema atlanta
Crossopriza maculipes Pholcidae 420 (T from Ceratopholcus=Crossopriza) Crossopriza maculipes
Litoporus uncatus Pholcidae 417 (S) Litoporus uncatus
Mecolaesthus cordiformis Pholcidae 417 (T from Carbonaria=Mecolaesthus) Mecolaesthus cordiformis
Mecolaesthus grandis Pholcidae 418 (T from Nasuta=Mecolaesthus) Mecolaesthus grandis
Mecolaesthus multidenticulatus Pholcidae 418 (T from Venezuela=Mecolaesthus) Mecolaesthus multidenticulatus
Mecolaesthus niquitanus Pholcidae 418 (T from Moraia=Mecolaesthus) Mecolaesthus niquitanus
Mecolaesthus puntiagudus Pholcidae 418 (T from Sanluisi=Mecolaesthus) Mecolaesthus puntiagudus
Mecolaesthus tuberculosus Pholcidae 418 (T from Maimire=Mecolaesthus) Mecolaesthus tuberculosus
Mesabolivar anseriformis Pholcidae 418 (T from Caruaya=Mesabolivar) Mesabolivar anseriformis
Mesabolivar aurantiacus Pholcidae 418 (S) Mesabolivar aurantiacus
Mesabolivar eberhardi Pholcidae 419 (S) Mesabolivar eberhardi
Mesabolivar spinosus Pholcidae 418 (Tmf from Rioparaguanus=Mesabolivar) Mesabolivar spinosus
Metagonia triocular Pholcidae 419 (T from Portena=Metagonia) Metagonia triocular
Pholcus fragillimus Pholcidae 420 (S) Pholcus fragillimus
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