Included taxa

Pocock, R. I. (1902b). Some new African spiders. Annals and Magazine of Natural History (7) 10(58): 315-330, pl. 2-3. doi:10.1080/00222930208678678 download pdf download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Aethriscus olivaceus Araneidae 329 (Df) Aethriscus olivaceus
Allothele caffer Euagridae 318 (Dmf) Euagrus caffer
Anyphops stauntoni Selenopidae 330 (Df) Selenops stauntoni
Asianopis anchietae Deinopidae 324 (S of Dinopis anchietae [first reviser]) Dinopis bubo
Asianopis cornigera Deinopidae 324 (S of Dinopis bubalus) Dinopis cornigera
Asianopis cylindrica Deinopidae 323 (Df) [] Dinopis stauntoni
Asianopis cylindrica Deinopidae 324 (S of Dinopis stauntoni) Dinopis cylindrica
Asianopis ornata Deinopidae 325 (Df) Deinopis ornatus
Brachytheliscus bicolor Entypesidae 317 (Dm) Brachytheliscus bicolor
Caerostris corticosa Araneidae 326, f. C (Df) Caerostris corticosa
Caerostris vicina Araneidae 327, f. D (Df) Caerostris darlingi
Caerostris vicina Araneidae 328 (replacement name for C. turriger) Caerostris columnifer
Harpactira hamiltoni Theraphosidae 316 (Dmf) Harpactira hamiltoni
Idiops hamiltoni Idiopidae 320 (Dj) Acanthodon hamiltoni
Menneus camelus Deinopidae 325 (Df) Menneus camelus
Poecilomigas abrahami Migidae 319 (Df) [] Moggridgea stauntoni
Scytodes broomi Scytodidae 321, f. A (Df) Scytodes broomi
Scytodes marshalli Scytodidae 323, f. B (Df) Scytodes marshalli
Stasimopus nigellus Stasimopidae 319 (Dm) Stasimopus nigellus
Stromatopelma batesi Theraphosidae 315 (Dm) Scodra batesii
Genus Family Page
Aethriscus Pocock, 1902 Araneidae 329
Brachytheliscus Pocock, 1902 Entypesidae 317