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Deltshev, C., Ćurčić, B., Wang, C. X., Yao, Z. Y., Antić, D., Ćurčić, S. & Rađa, T. (2014). New data on the spiders (Araneae) in the caves of Balkan peninsula. Archives of Biological Science Belgrade 66(2): 465-471. doi:10.2298/ABS1402465D download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Centromerus serbicus Linyphiidae 467, f. 9-14 (mf) Centromerus serbicus
Sulcia occulta Leptonetidae 467, f. 1-3 (m, lapsus) Sulcia oculata
Typhlonesticus absoloni Nesticidae 467, f. 4-8 (f) Typhlonesticus absoloni
No genus found for this reference