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Perafán, C. & Pérez-Miles, F. (2014b). The Andean tarantulas Euathlus Ausserer, 1875, Paraphysa Simon, 1892 and Phrixotrichus Simon, 1889 (Araneae: Theraphosidae): phylogenetic analysis, genera redefinition and new species descriptions. Journal of Natural History 48(39-40): 2389-2418. doi:10.1080/00222933.2014.902142 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Cyclosternum pulcherrimaklaasi Theraphosidae 2413 (T from Euathlus) Maraca pulcherrimaklaasi
Euathlus antai Theraphosidae 2401, f. 3A-C (Df) Euathlus antai
Euathlus atacama Theraphosidae 2402, f. 4A-F (Dmf) Euathlus atacama
Euathlus condorito Theraphosidae 2404, f. 5A-F (Dmf) Euathlus condorito
Euathlus manicata Theraphosidae 2406, f. 6A-E (Tmf from Paraphysa=Euathlus, removed from S of Phrixotrichus scrofa (sub Paraphysa), contra Schmidt, 1996a: 17) Euathlus manicata
Euathlus parvulus Theraphosidae 2406, f. 7A-D (Tm from Paraphysa=Euathlus, Df) Euathlus parvulus
Euathlus truculentus Theraphosidae 2407, f. 8A-C (m) Euathlus truculentus
Eupalaestrus weijenberghi Theraphosidae 2412 (S) Eupalaestrus weijenberghi
Phrixotrichus jara Theraphosidae 2410, f. 9A-E (Dm) Phrixotrichus jara
Phrixotrichus scrofa Theraphosidae 2411, f. 10A-D (Tmf from Paraphysa=Euathlus) Phrixotrichus scrofa
Phrixotrichus vulpinus Theraphosidae 2412, f. 10E (Tmf from Euathlus) Phrixotrichus vulpinus
Thrixopelma peruvianum Theraphosidae 2414 (T from Paraphysa, nomen dubium, may belong to Thrixopelma) Euathlus peruvianus
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