Included taxa

Purcell, W. F. (1902a). On the South African Theraphosidae or "Baviaan" spiders, in the collection of the South African Museum. Transactions of the South African Philosophical Society 11: 319-347. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Ceratogyrus darlingi Theraphosidae 339 (Dm) [] Ceratogyrus bechuanicus
Ceratogyrus pillansi Theraphosidae 338 (Dj) Coelogenium pillansi
Harpactira cafreriana Theraphosidae 325 Harpactira cafreriana
Harpactira dictator Theraphosidae 331 (Dmf) Harpactira dictator
Harpactira marksi Theraphosidae 322 (Dmf) Harpactira marksi
Harpactira namaquensis Theraphosidae 324 (Dmf) Harpactira namaquensis
Harpactira tigrina Theraphosidae 328 (Dm) Harpactira tigrina
Harpactirella karrooica Theraphosidae 344 (Dmf) Harpactirella karrooica
Harpactirella lightfooti Theraphosidae 346 (Df) Harpactirella lightfooti
Harpactirella longipes Theraphosidae 343 (Dmf) Harpactirella longipes
Harpactirella treleaveni Theraphosidae 341 (Dmf) Harpactirella treleaveni
Idiothele nigrofulva Theraphosidae 335 (Dmf) Pterinochilus crassispina
Genus Family Page
Coelogenium Purcell, 1902 Theraphosidae 337
Harpactirella Purcell, 1902 Theraphosidae 340