Included taxa

Purcell, W. F. (1902b). New South African trap-door spiders of the family Ctenizidae in the collection of the South African Museum. Transactions of the South African Philosophical Society 11: 348-382. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Ancylotrypa lateralis Cyrtaucheniidae 357 (Df) Cyrtauchenius lateralis
Ancylotrypa nigriceps Cyrtaucheniidae 358 (Dm) Cyrtauchenius nigriceps
Ancylotrypa oneili Cyrtaucheniidae 355 (Df) Cyrtauchenius o'neili
Ctenolophus cregoei Idiopidae 352 (Dm) Acanthodon cregoei
Ctenolophus kolbei Idiopidae 353 (Df) Acanthodon kolbei
Gorgyrella namaquensis Idiopidae 350 (Df) Gorgyrella namaquensis
Hermacha curvipes Entypesidae 377 (Dm) Hermacha curvipes
Hermacha lanata Entypesidae 373 (Dm) Hermacha lanata
Hermacha sericea Entypesidae 375 (Dm) Hermacha sericea
Homostola reticulata Bemmeridae 362 (Df) Stictogaster reticulatus
Homostola zebrina Bemmeridae 359 (Df) Homostola zebrina
Lepthercus dregei Entypesidae 379 (Dm) Lepthercus dregei
Pionothele straminea Pycnothelidae 381 (Dm) Pionothele straminea
Spiroctenus cambierae Bemmeridae 369 (Dm) Hermachastes cambierae
Spiroctenus inermis Bemmeridae 370 (Dm) Hermachastes inermis
Spiroctenus lightfooti Bemmeridae 363 (Dmf) Hermachastes lightfooti
Spiroctenus sagittarius Bemmeridae 365 (Dmf) Hermachastes sagittarius
Spiroctenus validus Bemmeridae 367 (Dmf) Hermachastes validus
Stasimopus leipoldti Stasimopidae 348 (Df) Stasimopus leipoldti
Genus Family Page
Gorgyrella Purcell, 1902 Idiopidae ?
Lepthercus Purcell, 1902 Entypesidae 379
Pionothele Purcell, 1902 Pycnothelidae 380