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Huang, W. J. & Chen, S. H. (2012b). Clubionidae (Arachnida: Araneae). pp. 39-100, 104-122, 126-130. In: Chen, S. H. & Huang, W. J. (eds.) The spider fauna of Taiwan. Araneae. Miturgidae, Anyphaenidae, Clubionidae. National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, 130 pp. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Bucliona jucunda Clubionidae 67, f. 19A-F, pl. 5B-D, 6A-B, box 2H (mf) Clubiona jucunda
Clubiona asrevida Clubionidae 44, f. 11A-F, pl. 4A, box 2A, 3C (mf) Clubiona asrevida
Clubiona brevispina Clubionidae 47, f. 12A-F, pl. 4C-D (Dmf) Clubiona brevispina
Clubiona corrugata Clubionidae 50, f. 13A-C, box 3F (m) Clubiona corrugata
Clubiona deletrix Clubionidae 52, f. 14A-G, pl. 4B, 5A, box 3B (mf) Clubiona deletrix
Clubiona femorocalcarata Clubionidae 58, f. 16A-H, box 2F, 3A (Dmf) Clubiona femorocalcarata
Clubiona insulana Clubionidae 61, f. 17A-F, box 2C (m, Df) Clubiona insulana
Clubiona japonicola Clubionidae 64, f. 18A-F, box 2B, 3D (mf) Clubiona japonicola
Clubiona kuanshanensis Clubionidae 72, f. 20A-B (f) Clubiona kuanshanensis
Clubiona kurilensis Clubionidae 74, f. 21A-C, box 3E (m) Clubiona kurilensis
Clubiona kurosawai Clubionidae 77, f. 22A-F, pl. 6C-D, 7A-B, box 2D (mf) Clubiona kurosawai
Clubiona moralis Clubionidae 80, f. 23A-F, pl. 7C (mf) Clubiona moralis
Clubiona taiwanica Clubionidae 83, f. 24A-F (mf, S) Clubiona taiwanica
Clubiona tanikawai Clubionidae 86, f. 25A-F, pl. 7D, 8A-B, box 2E (mf) Clubiona tanikawai
Clubiona yaginumai Clubionidae 91, f. 27A-C (m) Clubiona yaginumai
Clubiona yangmingensis Clubionidae 93, f. 28A-F, box 2G (mf) Clubiona yangmingensis
Matidia spatulata Clubionidae 29, f. 29A-C, pl. 8C-D (m) Matidia spatulata
Porrhoclubiona viridula Clubionidae 89, f. 26A-D (f) Clubiona viridula
Pristidia ramosa Clubionidae 55, f. 15A-G (Dmf) [] Clubiona expansa
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