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Szymkowiak, P. (2014). Revision of Australian species of the genus Diaea (Araneae: Thomisidae) with redefinition of their taxonomic status. Annales Zoologici, Warszawa 64(3): 333-477. doi:10.3161/000345414X684795 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Australomisidia cruentata Thomisidae 347, f. 6A-G, 7A-D, 8A-D, 9A-H (Tmf from Diaea, S) Australomisidia cruentata
Australomisidia elegans Thomisidae 353, f. 10A-E, 11A-H, 12A-E (Tm from Diaea, removed from S of A. cruentata, contra Dondale, 1966: 1181) Australomisidia elegans
Australomisidia ergandros Thomisidae 358, f. 13A-D, 14A-D, 15A-C, 16A-E, 17A-F (Tmf from Diaea) Australomisidia ergandros
Australomisidia inornata Thomisidae 365, f. 8A-F, 19A-C, 20A-D (Tmf from Diaea) Australomisidia inornata
Australomisidia kangarooblaszaki Thomisidae 370, f. 21A-F, 22A-D, 23A-C, 24A-F (Tmf from Diaea) Australomisidia kangarooblaszaki
Australomisidia pilula Thomisidae 375, f. 25A-E, 26A-E, 27A-D, 28A-B, 29A-E (Tmf from Diaea, S) Australomisidia pilula
Australomisidia rosea Thomisidae 382, f. 30A-F, 31A-C, 32A-C, 33A-F (Tmf from Diaea) Australomisidia rosea
Australomisidia socialis Thomisidae 388, f. 34A-F, 35A-C, 36A-C, 37A-E (Tmf from Diaea) Australomisidia socialis
Boomerangiana dimidiata Thomisidae 395, f. 38A-E, 39A-E (f, T from Diaea, S of Diaea velata) Boomerangia dimidiata
Cetratus caecutiens Thomisidae 400, f. 40A-F, 41A-E (Tf from Diaea) Cetratus caecutiens
Cetratus circumlitus Thomisidae 403, f. 42A-F, 43A-C (Tf from Diaea) Cetratus circumlitus
Cetratus rubropunctatus Thomisidae 406, f. 44A-B, 45A-G, 46A-E, 47A-D, 48A-F (Tmf from Diaea) Cetratus rubropunctatus
Cetratus tenuis Thomisidae 413, f. 49A-D, 50A-E (Tj from Diaea, Df) Cetratus tenuis
Diaea dorsata Thomisidae 341, f. 3A-C, 4A-C, 5A-F (mf) Diaea dorsata
Mastira adusta Thomisidae 445, f. 68A-F, 69A-G, 70A-F (f, S) Mastira adusta
Runcinia insecta Thomisidae 450, f. 71A-D, 72A-B (Tm from Diaea, Sf) Runcinia insecta
Tharrhalea evanida Thomisidae 417, f. 51A-F, 52A-F, 53A-C, 54A-E (mfT from Diaea, S of Diaea haematodactyla and D. sticta) Lehtinelagia evanida
Tharrhalea multopunctata Thomisidae , f. 55A-J, 56A-H, 57A-D, 58A-E (Tm from Diaea, Sf of Diaea punctata and D. decempunctata) Lehtinelagia multopunctata
Tharrhalea prasina Thomisidae 433, f. 59A-C, 60A-E (Tf from Diaea) Lehtinelagia prasina
Tharrhalea pulleinei Thomisidae 436, f. 61A-F, 62A-D, 63A-C, 64A-D (Tmf from Diaea) Lehtinelagia pulleinei
Tharrhalea variabilis Thomisidae 440, f. 65A-C, 66A-E, 67A-C (Tf from Diaea) Lehtinelagia variabilis
Zygometis xanthogaster Thomisidae 453, f. 73A-G, 74 (Tf from Diaea, Sm) Zygometis xanthogaster
Genus Family Page
Australomisidia Szymkowiak, 2014 Thomisidae 345
Boomerangia Szymkowiak, 2014 Thomisidae 395
Lehtinelagia Szymkowiak, 2014 Thomisidae 416