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Marusik, Y. M., Ballarin, F., Omelko, M. M. & Koponen, S. (2014b). On new and interesting records of spiders from northern Pakistan and India (Aranei). Arthropoda Selecta 23(4): 415-424. doi:10.15298/arthsel.23.4.09 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Berlandina afghana Gnaphosidae 416, f. 1, 3a-b, 4, 5a-b, 6 (f, removed from S of B. plumalis, contra Levy, 1995: 940) Berlandina afghana
Berlandina plumalis Gnaphosidae 418, f. 7a-b, 8 (f) Berlandina plumalis
Enoplognatha diodonta Theridiidae 423, f. 34-43 (m) Enoplognatha diodonta
Gnaphosa dege Gnaphosidae 418, f. 9-11 (f) Gnaphosa dege
Leptopilos memorialis Gnaphosidae 418, f. 2, 12-14 (f) Leptodrassex memorialis
Micaria lenzi Gnaphosidae 419, f. 15-18 (f) Micaria lenzi
Micaria pulcherrima Gnaphosidae 419, f. 19-20 (f) Micaria pulcherrima
Parasyrisca alai Gnaphosidae 421, f. 21-28 (m) Parasyrisca alai
Pardosa algoides Lycosidae 421, f. 29-32 (f) Pardosa algoides
Pardosa haupti Lycosidae 421, f. 33 (f) Pardosa haupti
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