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Marusik, Y. M., Zamani, A. & Mirshamsi, O. (2014). Three new species of mygalomorph and filistatid spiders from Iran (Araneae, Cyrtaucheniidae, Nemesiidae and Filistatidae). ZooKeys 463: 1-10. doi:10.3897/zookeys.463.8692 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Anemesia birulai Cyrtaucheniidae 3, f. 11 (m) Anemesia birulai
Anemesia incana Cyrtaucheniidae 3, f. 9 (m) Anemesia incana
Anemesia karatauvi Cyrtaucheniidae 3, f. 10 (m) Anemesia karatauvi
Anemesia koponeni Cyrtaucheniidae 2, f. 1-8 (Dm) Anemesia koponeni
Raveniola mazandaranica Nemesiidae 5, f. 12-18 (Dm) Raveniola mazandaranica
Raveniola niedermeyeri Nemesiidae 3, f. 21 (m) Raveniola niedermeyeri
Raveniola vonwicki Nemesiidae 3, f. 19-20 (m) Raveniola vonwicki
Sahastata nigra Filistatidae 9, f. 30-33, 41 (f) Sahastata nigra
Sahastata sinuspersica Filistatidae 9, f. 22-29, 34-40 (Df) Sahastata sinuspersica
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