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IJland, S. & Helsdingen, P. J. van (2014). On some spiders (Arachnida, Araneae) from the surroundings of Castellabate, Italy. Nieuwsbrief SPINED 34: 16-33. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Enoplognatha testacea Theridiidae 28, f. 17-19 (f) Enoplognatha testacea
Euryopis sexalbomaculata Theridiidae 29, f. 20-22 (f) Euryopis sexalbomaculata
Metopobactrus verticalis Linyphiidae 22, f. 10-12 (m) Metopobactrus verticalis
Trichoncus sordidus Linyphiidae 24, f. 13-16 (f) Trichoncus sordidus
Zelotes paroculus Gnaphosidae 21, f. 8-9 (m, T from Drassyllus, belongs presumably to another zelotine genus) Zelotes paroculus
No genus found for this reference