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Lopardo, L. & Hormiga, G. (2015). Out of the twilight zone: phylogeny and evolutionary morphology of the orb-weaving spider family Mysmenidae, with a focus on spinneret spigot morphology in symphytognathoids (Araneae, Araneoidea). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 173(3): 527-786. doi:10.1111/zoj.12199 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acrobleps hygrophilus Anapidae 727, f. 69A-F, 70A-F, 71A-H, 136A (mf) Acrobleps hygrophilus
Anapisona kethleyi Anapidae 728, f. 72A-F, 73A-F, 74A-G, 75A-G, 76A-J, 77A-I, 136B, 138G, 145A-D (mf) Anapisona kethleyi
Brasilionata arborense Mysmenidae 784, f. 133G, 142O (m) Brasilionata arborense
Cepheia longiseta Synaphridae 734, f. 106A-G, 107A-G, 108A-H, 109A-E, 137A-B, 139B, 146D-E (mf) Cepheia longiseta
Coddingtonia euryopoides Theridiosomatidae 734, f. 124A-F, 125A-G, 137D (mf) Coddingtonia euryopoides
Comaroma simoni Anapidae 728, f. 78A-H, 79A-F, 80A-H, 81A-F, 82A-H, 83A-F, 138D-E, 145G-I (mf) Comaroma simoni
Crassanapis chilensis Anapidae 728, f. 84A-G, 85A-G, 86A-I, 136C, 138A-B, 145J-L (mf) Crassanapis chilensis
Elanapis aisen Anapidae 728, f. 87A-G, 88A-I, 136E, 138C, 144K (mf) Elanapis aisen
Iardinis mussardi Symphytognathidae 628, f. 135A-B, 144C (m) Iardinis mussardi
Isela okuncana Mysmenidae 780, f. 1A-E, 2A-H, 3A-F, 128A, 131H, 140A-C (mf) Isela okuncana
Maymena ambita Mysmenidae 778, f. 10A-K, 11A-H, 128D, 131I, 140M-O, 141G (mf) Maymena ambita
Maymena mayana Mysmenidae 778, f. 12A-H, 13A-J, 128B, 131J, 141C-F, H (mf) Maymena mayana
Maymena rica Mysmenidae 778, f. 14A-E, 15A-I, 16A-H, 128E, 141A-B, I (mf) Maymena rica
Microdipoena elsae Mysmenidae 783, f. 17A-D, 129D, 132A, 141M-N (mf) Microdipoena elsae
Microdipoena guttata Mysmenidae 783, f. 18A-G, 19A-F, 20A-G, 21A-I, 129A, 132B (mf) Microdipoena guttata
Microdipoena illectrix Mysmenidae 783, f. 132C, 141O (m) Microdipoena illectrix
Microdipoena jobi Mysmenidae 783, f. 129F, 132F (mf) Microdipoena jobi
Microdipoena nyungwe Mysmenidae 783, f. 22A-G, 23A-H, 24A-F, 25A-F, 26A-G, 129B, 142A-B (mf) Microdipoena nyungwe
Microdipoena samoensis Mysmenidae 783, f. 27A-I, 129E, 132D-E (mf) Microdipoena samoensis
Minanapis casablanca Anapidae 728, f. 89A-G, 90A-F, 138F (mf) Minanapis casablanca
Minanapis palena Anapidae 728, f. 91A-H, 92A-F, 93A-I, 136D, 145M-O (mf) Minanapis palena
Mysmena awari Mysmenidae 785, f. 133D-E, 142J-L (m) Mysmena awari
Mysmena incredula Mysmenidae 785, f. 32A-H, 33A-H, 34A-F, 35A-F, 130B, 142D (mf) Mysmena incredula
Mysmena leichhardti Mysmenidae 785, f. 41A-E, 42A-H, 43A-E, 130C, 134B, 143N (mf) Mysmena leichhardti
Mysmena leucoplagiata Mysmenidae 785, f. 134A (m) Mysmena leucoplagiata
Mysmena marijkeae Mysmenidae 785, f. 133F (m) Mysmena marijkeae
Mysmena rotunda Mysmenidae 785, f. 65A, 133H-I, 144L (mf) Mysmena rotunda
Mysmena tarautensis Mysmenidae 785, f. 130A (f) Mysmena tarautensis
Mysmena tasmaniae Mysmenidae 785, f. 51A-D, 130E, 134C, 143A-C (mf) Mysmena tasmaniae
Mysmeniola spinifera Mysmenidae 784, f. 134D, 142M-N (m) Mysmeniola spinifera
Mysmenopsis cidrelicola Mysmenidae 781, f. 53A-H, 54A-H, 131C, 140J-K (m) Mysmenopsis cidrelicola
Mysmenopsis dipluramigo Mysmenidae 781, f. 55A-I, 56A-G, 57A-J, 128G, 131B, 140G-H (mf) Mysmenopsis dipluramigo
Mysmenopsis palpalis Mysmenidae 781, f. 58A-H, 59A-I, 140I (mf) Mysmenopsis palpalis
Mysmenopsis penai Mysmenidae 781, f. 60A-H, 61A-D, 62A-H, 131A, 140L (m) Mysmenopsis penai
Phricotelus stelliger Mysmenidae 631, f. 135C, 144B (f) Phricotelus stelliger
Symphytognatha picta Symphytognathidae 734, f. 121A-H, 122A-H, 139C, 146H-I (m) Symphytognatha picta
Synaphris saphrynis Synaphridae 734, f. 110A-G, 111A-H, 146F (m) Synaphris saphrynis
Taphiassa punctata Anapidae 728, f. 94A-F, 95A-I, 96A-H, 97A-H, 137C, 139E, 146A-B (mf) Taphiassa punctata
Tasmanapis strahan Anapidae 728, f. 98A-E, 99A-H, 100A-H, 101A-H, 136F, 138H, 145E-F (mf) Tasmanapis strahan
Teutoniella cekalovici Anapidae 728, f. 102A-F, 103A-I, 104A-H, 105A-H, 139A, D, 146C (mf) Teutoniella cekalovici
Theridiosoma gemmosum Theridiosomatidae 734, f. 123A-H (f) Theridiosoma gemmosum
Trogloneta cantareira Mysmenidae 779, f. 63A-I, 64A-I, 65B-H, 131F (mf) Trogloneta cantareira
Trogloneta granulum Mysmenidae 779, f. 66A-H, 67A-H, 68A-D, 128F, 131E, 142C (mf) Trogloneta granulum
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