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Rodrigues, E. N. L. & Poeta, M. R. M. (2015). Twelve new Neotropical species of the spider genus Cryptachaea (Araneae: Theridiidae). Journal of Arachnology 43: 26-33. doi:10.1636/K14-47.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Cryptachaea alleluia Theridiidae 28, f. 1d (Dm) Cryptachaea alleluia
Cryptachaea benivia Theridiidae 32, f. 2l-m (Df) Cryptachaea benivia
Cryptachaea catita Theridiidae 31, f. 2g-i (Df) Cryptachaea catita
Cryptachaea cidae Theridiidae 26, f. 1a-c (Dmf) Cryptachaea cidae
Cryptachaea divisor Theridiidae 28, f. 1f-i (Df) Cryptachaea divisor
Cryptachaea ericae Theridiidae 29, f. 2a-c (Df) Cryptachaea ericae
Cryptachaea floresta Theridiidae 29, f. 1j-l (Df) Cryptachaea floresta
Cryptachaea lavia Theridiidae 32, f. 2n-o (Df) Cryptachaea lavia
Cryptachaea paquisha Theridiidae 32, f. 2k (Df) Cryptachaea paquisha
Cryptachaea propinqua Theridiidae 31, f. 2d-f (Df) Cryptachaea propinqua
Cryptachaea spectabilis Theridiidae 28, f. 1e (Dm) Cryptachaea spectabilis
Cryptachaea tambopata Theridiidae 31, f. 2j (Dm) Cryptachaea tambopata
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