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Hogg, H. R. (1903a). On the Australasian spiders of the subfamily Sparassinae. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 72(II, 2, 1902): 414-466. [published in April 1903, after Duncan, 1937] download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Delena spenceri Sparassidae 464, f. 104 (Dm) Eodelena spenceri
Heteropoda cervina Sparassidae 418, f. 85 (Df) Heteropoda keyserlingi
Holconia hirsuta Sparassidae 435 Isopeda subdola
Holconia immanis Sparassidae 433, f. 88D (mf) Isopeda immanis
Holconia insignis Sparassidae 432, f. 88A-C (mf) Isopeda insignis
Isopeda leishmanni Sparassidae 437, f. 90 (Dmf) Isopeda leishmanni
Isopeda leishmanni Sparassidae 447, f. 96 (Df) [] Isopeda pengellya
Isopeda montana Sparassidae 439, f. 91 (Dmf) Isopeda montana
Isopeda woodwardi Sparassidae 451, f. 99 (Df) Isopeda woodwardi
Isopedella flavida Sparassidae 443 (Dm) Isopeda flavida
Isopedella frenchi Sparassidae 435, f. 89 (Df) Isopeda frenchi
Isopedella leai Sparassidae 445, f. 94 (Df) Isopeda leai
Isopedella leai Sparassidae 442, f. 93 (Dmf) Isopeda tepperi
Isopedella leai Sparassidae 446, f. 95 (Df) Isopeda ardrossana
Isopedella leai Sparassidae 450, f. 98 (Dmf) Isopeda tietzi
Isopedella saundersi Sparassidae 448, f. 97 (Df) Isopeda saundersi
Neosparassus calligaster Sparassidae 428 Neosparassus calligaster
Neosparassus conspicuus Sparassidae 428 Neosparassus conspicua
Neosparassus diana Sparassidae 428 Neosparassus diana
Neosparassus festivus Sparassidae 428 Neosparassus festivus
Neosparassus haemorrhoidalis Sparassidae 428 Neosparassus haemorrhoidalis
Neosparassus incomtus Sparassidae 428 Neosparassus incomtus
Neosparassus inframaculatus Sparassidae 428 Neosparassus inframaculatus
Neosparassus macilentus Sparassidae 427 Neosparassus macilentus
Neosparassus magareyi Sparassidae 425, f. 86 (Df) Neosparassus magareyi
Neosparassus nitellinus Sparassidae 429 Neosparassus nitellinus
Neosparassus pallidus Sparassidae 427 Neosparassus pallidus
Neosparassus patellatus Sparassidae 429 Neosparassus patellatus
Neosparassus pictus Sparassidae 428 Neosparassus pictus
Neosparassus praeclarus Sparassidae 428 Neosparassus praeclarus
Neosparassus punctatus Sparassidae 429 Neosparassus punctatus
Neosparassus rutilus Sparassidae 428 Neosparassus rutilus
Neosparassus salacius Sparassidae 429 Neosparassus salacius
Neosparassus thoracicus Sparassidae 426, f. 87 (Df) Neosparassus thoracicus
Pediana horni Sparassidae 462 Pediana horni
Pediana occidentalis Sparassidae 461, f. 102 (Df) Pediana occidentalis
Pediana tenuis Sparassidae 462, f. 103 (Df) Pediana tenuis
Typostola barbata Sparassidae 455, f. 100 (Dm) Typostola broomi
Typostola barbata Sparassidae 457, f. 101 (Df) Typostola magnifica
Typostola barbata Sparassidae 459 (Df) Typostola major
Zachria oblonga Sparassidae 454 (S of Zachria haemorrhoidalis) Zachria oblonga
Genus Family Page
Eodelena Hogg, 1903 Sparassidae 464
Neosparassus Hogg, 1903 Sparassidae 423