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Caleb, J. T. D., Mungkung, S. & Mathai, M. T. (2015). Four new species of jumping spider (Araneae: Salticidae: Aelurillinae) with the description of a new genus from South India. Peckhamia 124.1: 1-18. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Aelurillus kronestedti Salticidae 2, f. 1-5 (m) Aelurillus kronestedti
Langona albolinea Salticidae 3, f. 6-15 (Dm) Langona albolinea
Langona davidi Salticidae 5, f. 16-25 (Dm) Mashonarus davidi
Phanuelus gladstone Salticidae 7, f. 26-46 (Dmf) Phanuelus gladstone
Phlegra prasanna Salticidae 11, f. 47-56 (Dm) Phlegra prasanna
Stenaelurillus sarojinae Salticidae 12, f. 57-61, 63-81 (Dm) Stenaelurillus sarojinae
Genus Family Page
Phanuelus Caleb & Mathai, 2015 Salticidae 7