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Raven, R. J. (2015). A revision of ant-mimicking spiders of the family Corinnidae (Araneae) in the Western Pacific. Zootaxa 3958(1): 1-258. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.3958.1.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Battalus adamparsonsi Corinnidae 41, f. 4c, 19a-c, 20a-f, 21a-e, 135 (Dmf) Battalus adamparsonsi
Battalus baehrae Corinnidae 55, f. 27a-f (Dm) Battalus baehrae
Battalus bidgemia Corinnidae 55, f. 28a-b, 31c (Dm) Battalus bidgemia
Battalus boolathana Corinnidae 57, f. 1a, 28c-d, 29a-f, 30j-l (Dmf) Battalus boolathana
Battalus byrneae Corinnidae 46, f. 5a, 22a-i, 23a-e (Dmf) Battalus byrneae
Battalus diadens Corinnidae 47, f. 24a-g, 25a-d (Dmf) Battalus diadens
Battalus helenstarkae Corinnidae 59, f. 7d, 30a-e (D Battalus helenstarkae
Battalus microspinosus Corinnidae 61, f. 30f-i, 31b, d (Dmf) Battalus microspinosus
Battalus rugosus Corinnidae 62, f. 31a, e, 32a-e (Dmf) Battalus rugosus
Battalus semiflavus Corinnidae 66, f. 34a-b (Tf from Medmassa) Battalus semiflavus
Battalus spinipes Corinnidae 39, f. 17a-g, 18a-d (f, Dm) Battalus spinipes
Battalus wallum Corinnidae 51, f. 26a-g, 27g-i (Dmf) Battalus wallum
Battalus zuytdorp Corinnidae 64, f. 33a-e (Dm) Battalus zuytdorp
Copa kabana Corinnidae 67, f. 3b, 35, 36a-e, 135 (Dmf) Copa kabana
Corinnomma javanum Corinnidae 33, f. 13a-g (m) Corinnomma javanum
Corinnomma severum Corinnidae 32, f. 12a-d (m) Corinnomma severum
Creugas gulosus Corinnidae 24, f. 9a-d, 10a-d (mf, S) Creugas gulosus
Disnyssus helenmirrenae Corinnidae 74, f. 1b, 16a, 37b-d, 38a-b, e-f (Dmf) Disnyssus helenmirrenae
Disnyssus judidenchae Corinnidae 76, f. 37a, 38c-d, g-h (Dmf) Disnyssus judidenchae
Iridonyssus auripilosus Corinnidae 84, f. 42a-d, 43a-b (Dm) Iridonyssus auripilosus
Iridonyssus formicans Corinnidae 85, f. 44a-d, 45a-d (Dmf) Iridonyssus formicans
Iridonyssus kohouti Corinnidae 81, f. 1d, 4d-e, 6d, 7e, 39, 40a-d, 41a-d (Dmf) Iridonyssus kohouti
Iridonyssus leucostaurus Corinnidae 88, f. 46a-d, 47a-c (Dmf) Iridonyssus leucostaurus
Kolora cooloola Corinnidae 92, f. 16e, 48a, 49a-e (Dm) Kolora cooloola
Kolora cushingae Corinnidae 94, f. 2d, 48e-f, 50a-e (Dmf) Kolora cushingae
Kolora lynneae Corinnidae 99, f. 48b-d, 52a-f (Dmf) Kolora lynneae
Kolora suaverubens Corinnidae 95, f. 50f-h, 51a-d (Tmf from Corinnomma, lapsus) Kolora sauverubens
Leichhardteus albofasciatus Corinnidae 106, f. 2b, 55a-h, 56a-d (mf) Leichhardteus albofasciatus
Leichhardteus badius Corinnidae 105, f. 54a-d (mf) Leichhardteus badius
Leichhardteus conopalpis Corinnidae 104, f. 53a-e (mf) Leichhardteus conopalpis
Leichhardteus evschlingeri Corinnidae 108, f. 57a-d (Dm) Leichhardteus evschlingeri
Leichhardteus kroombit Corinnidae 109, f. 8b, 58a-e, 59a-g (mf) Leichhardteus kroombit
Leichhardteus strzelecki Corinnidae 112, f. 60a-f (Dm) Leichhardteus strzelecki
Leichhardteus yagan Corinnidae 112, f. 61a-d, 62a-b, 135 (Dmf) Leichhardteus yagan
Leptopicia bimaculata Corinnidae 115, f. 3f, 63a-e, 64a-e, 135 (Tmf from Methesis) Leptopicia bimaculata
Medmassa christae Corinnidae 28, f. 2c, 11a-d, 135 (Df) Medmassa christae
Melanesotypus guadal Corinnidae 35, f. 14a-f, 15a-f (Dmf) Melanesotypus guadal
Miturga australiensis Miturgidae 23 (Tf from Medmassa) Miturga australiensis
Nucastia culburra Corinnidae 120, f. 66a-d, 67a-d (Dmf) Nucastia culburra
Nucastia eneabba Corinnidae 122, f. 68a-c, 135 (Df) Nucastia eneabba
Nucastia muncoonie Corinnidae 125, f. 69a-b, 70a-d (Dmf) Nucastia muncoonie
Nucastia supunnoides Corinnidae 126, f. 1f, 71a-e, 72a-d, 79c (Dmf) Nucastia supunnoides
Nucastia virewoods Corinnidae 118, f. 65a-e (Dmf) Nucastia virewoods
Nyssus albopunctatus Corinnidae 142, f. 79b, 80a-e, 135 (f, Dm, S) Nyssus albopunctatus
Nyssus avidus Corinnidae 148, f. 79d, 82a-d (f, Dm) Nyssus avidus
Nyssus coloripes Corinnidae 131, f. 2a, 4f, 5c, 6c,, 7f, 73a-d, 74a-g, 135 (f, Sm) Nyssus coloripes
Nyssus emu Corinnidae 164, f. 91a-b (Dm) Nyssus emu
Nyssus insularis Corinnidae 150, f. 16b, 83a-d, 87e-f (Df) Nyssus insularis
Nyssus jaredwardeni Corinnidae 137, f. 16c, 75a-e, 76a-b (Dmf) Nyssus jaredwardeni
Nyssus jonraveni Corinnidae 146, f. 81f-h (Dm) Nyssus jonraveni
Nyssus loureedi Corinnidae 155, f. 86a-e, 87a-d (Dmf) Nyssus loureedi
Nyssus luteofinis Corinnidae 138, f. 77a-e, 79a (Dmf) Nyssus luteofinis
Nyssus paradoxus Corinnidae 158, f. 88a-e, 89a-c, 135 (Dmf) Nyssus paradoxus
Nyssus pseudomaculatus Corinnidae 144, f. 81a-e (Dmf) Nyssus pseudomaculatus
Nyssus robertsi Corinnidae 159, f. 89d-e (Df) Nyssus robertsi
Nyssus semifuscus Corinnidae 140, f. 78a-d (Dmf) Nyssus semifuscus
Nyssus wendyae Corinnidae 162, f. 90a-b (Dm) Nyssus wendyae
Nyssus yuggera Corinnidae 152, f. 1c, 5f, 7a-c, 84a-e, 85a-d, 135 (Dmf) Nyssus yuggera
Ozcopa chiunei Corinnidae 170, f. 92d, 97a-b (Dm) Ozcopa chiunei
Ozcopa colloffi Corinnidae 167, f. 16f, 93a-h (Dmf) Ozcopa colloffi
Ozcopa margotandersenae Corinnidae 174, f. 97a-b (Dm) Ozcopa margotandersenae
Ozcopa mcdonaldi Corinnidae 170, f. 92a, 94a-b (Dm) Ozcopa mcdonaldi
Ozcopa monteithi Corinnidae 171, f. 2e, 94c-e, 95a-e (Dmf) Ozcopa monteithi
Ozcopa zborowskii Corinnidae 172, f. 92c, 96a-c (Dm) Ozcopa zborowskii
Poecilipta carnarvon Corinnidae 206, f. 115a, 116a-c, 135 (Dm) Poecilipta carnarvon
Poecilipta contorqua Corinnidae 207, f. 115e, 117a-h (Dmf) Poecilipta contorqua
Poecilipta davidi Corinnidae 209, f. 115g-h, 120a-d (Dmf) Poecilipta davidi
Poecilipta elvis Corinnidae 213, f. 119a-b (Dm) Poecilipta elvis
Poecilipta formiciformis Corinnidae 197, f. 110f-g (f, T from Corinnomma) Poecilipta formiciforme
Poecilipta gloverae Corinnidae 183, f. 3d, 99b, 102a-f (Dmf) Poecilipta gloverae
Poecilipta harveyi Corinnidae 213, f. 115b, 116d-e, 119c-d (Dm) Poecilipta harveyi
Poecilipta janthina Corinnidae 178, f. 3a, 98a-b, 100a-d, 135 (f, Dm) Poecilipta janthina
Poecilipta jilbadji Corinnidae 215, f. 120e-f (Dm) Poecilipta jilbadji
Poecilipta kgari Corinnidae 180, f. 101a-e (Dmf) Poecilipta kgari
Poecilipta kohouti Corinnidae 199, f. 111a, 112a-e, 135 (Dmf) Poecilipta kohouti
Poecilipta lugubris Corinnidae 186, f. 3e, 104a-e (Dmf) Poecilipta lugubris
Poecilipta mandjelia Corinnidae 187, f. 105a-f (Dmf) Poecilipta mandjelia
Poecilipta marengo Corinnidae 190, f. 106a-b (Dm) Poecilipta marengo
Poecilipta metallica Corinnidae 200, f. 111b, 113a-e (Dmf) Poecilipta metallica
Poecilipta micaelae Corinnidae 211, f. 115f, 118a-d (Dm) Poecilipta micaelae
Poecilipta qunats Corinnidae 191, f. 98c, 106c-d (Dm) Poecilipta qunats
Poecilipta rawlinsonae Corinnidae 215, f. 121a-c (Dm) Poecilipta rawlinsonae
Poecilipta ruthae Corinnidae 202, f. 111c, 114a-d (Dmf) Poecilipta ruthae
Poecilipta samueli Corinnidae 185, f. 98d, 103a-c (Dm) Poecilipta samueli
Poecilipta smaragdinea Corinnidae 219, f. 115c, 122a-e (Tf from Supunna=Nyssus, Dm) Poecilipta smaragdinea
Poecilipta tinda Corinnidae 219, f. 123a-b (Df) Poecilipta tinda
Poecilipta venusta Corinnidae 191, f. 107a-f (f, Dm) Poecilipta venusta
Poecilipta waldockae Corinnidae 193, f. 108a-e (Dm) Poecilipta waldockae
Poecilipta wallacei Corinnidae 195, f. 3c, 109a-e (Dmf) Poecilipta wallacei
Poecilipta yambuna Corinnidae 197, f. 110a-e, h (Dmf) Poecilipta yambuna
Poecilipta zbigniewi Corinnidae 220, f. 124, 125a-e (Dmf) Poecilipta zbigniewi
Ticopa australis Corinnidae 224, f. 2f, 126a-i (Dmf) Ticopa australis
Ticopa carnarvon Corinnidae 225, f. 127a-g, 128a-f, 132c (Dmf) Ticopa carnarvon
Ticopa chinchilla Corinnidae 227, f. 129a, 130a-f (Dm) Ticopa chinchilla
Ticopa dingo Corinnidae 230, f. 4a-b, 131a-f, 132a-b, e (Df) Ticopa dingo
Ticopa hudsoni Corinnidae 232, f. 129b-d, 133a-d (Df) Ticopa hudsoni
Ticopa longbottomi Corinnidae 237, f. 129e-g, 132f-g, 134a-g (Dmf) Ticopa longbottomi
Genus Family Page
Disnyssus Raven, 2015 Corinnidae 73
Iridonyssus Raven, 2015 Corinnidae 77
Kolora Raven, 2015 Corinnidae 90
Leptopicia Raven, 2015 Corinnidae 115
Melanesotypus Raven, 2015 Corinnidae 35
Nucastia Raven, 2015 Corinnidae 117
Ozcopa Raven, 2015 Corinnidae 164
Ticopa Raven, 2015 Corinnidae 221