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Gallon, R. C. & Wendt, I. (2015). On the taxonomic placement of four African Phoneyusa species (Araneae, Theraphosidae, Eumenophorinae). Arachnology 16(8): 298-304. doi:10.13156/arac.2015.16.8.298 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Hysterocrates celerierae Theraphosidae 302, f. 19 (Tf from Phoneyusa) Hysterocrates celerierae
Hysterocrates efuliensis Theraphosidae 303, f. 22 (Tf from Phoneyusa) Hysterocrates efuliensis
Hysterocrates elephantiasis Theraphosidae 298, f. 1-18 (Tmf from Phoneyusa) Hysterocrates elephantiasis
Hysterocrates gigas Theraphosidae 301, f. 23-24 (mf) Hysterocrates gigas
Phoneyusa lesserti Theraphosidae 301, f. 20-21 (mf) Phoneyusa lesserti
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