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Aisen, S. & Ramírez, M. J. (2015). A revision and phylogenetic analysis of the spider genus Oxysoma Nicolet (Araneae: Anyphaenidae, Amaurobioidinae). Zootaxa 3997(1): 1-61. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.3997.1.1 download pdf


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Oxysoma itambezinho Anyphaenidae 8, f. 12a-e, 13a-e, 14a-d, 34g-i, 38d (mf) Oxysoma itambezinho
Oxysoma kuni Anyphaenidae 11, f. 25a-e, 26a-e, 27a-d, 28a-d, 29a-e, 30a-f, 35g-i, 37a-c, 38g (Dmf) Oxysoma kuni
Oxysoma longiventre Anyphaenidae 9, f. 1b, 15a-e, 16a-e, 17a-d, 18a-e, 19a-d, 35a-c, 36a-c, 38c, 39c-f (mf) Oxysoma longiventre
Oxysoma losruiles Anyphaenidae 13, f. 31a-e, 32a-e, 33a-d, 35j-l, 38f (Dmf) Oxysoma losruiles
Oxysoma macrocuspis Anyphaenidae 9, f. 20a-e, 21a-e, 22a-d, 23a-e, 24a-d, 35d-f, 38e, 39g-i (Dmf) Oxysoma macrocuspis
Oxysoma punctatum Anyphaenidae 6, f. 1a, 2a-e, 3a-e, 4a-d, 5a-d, 6a-e, 34a-c, 38b (mf) Oxysoma punctatum
Oxysoma saccatum Anyphaenidae 7, f. 1c-d, 7a-e, 8a-e, 9a-d, 10a-e, 11a-d, 34d-f, 38a, 39a-b (mf) Oxysoma saccatum
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