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Agnarsson, I., Jencik, B. B., Veve, G. M., Hanitriniaina, S., Agostini, D., Goh, S. P., Pruitt, J. & Kuntner, M. (2015). Systematics of the Madagascar Anelosimus spiders: remarkable local richness and endemism, and dual colonization from the Americas. ZooKeys 509: 13-52. doi:10.3897/zookeys.509.8897 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Anelosimus andasibe Theridiidae 29, f. 6D-E (f) Anelosimus andasibe
Anelosimus ata Theridiidae 38, f. 11A, C-E (Df) Anelosimus ata
Anelosimus buffoni Theridiidae 44, f. 15A-D (Df) Anelosimus buffoni
Anelosimus darwini Theridiidae 40, f. 12A-C (Df) Anelosimus darwini
Anelosimus decaryi Theridiidae 46, f. 17A-H (mf) Anelosimus decaryi
Anelosimus hookeri Theridiidae 33, f. 8A-F (Df) Anelosimus hookeri
Anelosimus huxleyi Theridiidae 42, f. 14A-F (Df) Anelosimus huxleyi
Anelosimus lamarcki Theridiidae 34, f. 9A-D (Df) Anelosimus lamarcki
Anelosimus may Theridiidae 21, f. 2A-I (m, Df) Anelosimus may
Anelosimus moramora Theridiidae 45, f. 16A-E (Df) Anelosimus moramora
Anelosimus nazariani Theridiidae 27, f. 5A-F (f, Dm) Anelosimus nazariani
Anelosimus sallee Theridiidae 29, f. 6A-C (mf) Anelosimus sallee
Anelosimus salut Theridiidae 25, f. 4A-F (mf) Anelosimus salut
Anelosimus tita Theridiidae 36, f. 10A-F (Df) Anelosimus tita
Anelosimus torfi Theridiidae 31, f. 7A-F (Df) Anelosimus torfi
Anelosimus vondrona Theridiidae 24, f. 3A-I (f, Dm) Anelosimus vondrona
Anelosimus wallacei Theridiidae 41, f. 13A-F (Df) Anelosimus wallacei
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