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Purcell, W. F. (1903a). New Arachnida collected by Mr. S. C. Cronwright Schreiner at Hanover, Cape Colony. Annals of the South African Museum 3: 13-40. download pdf download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Ancylotrypa dentata Cyrtaucheniidae 29 (Df) Cyrtauchenius dentatus
Ancylotrypa pusilla Cyrtaucheniidae 27 (Dm) Ancylotrypa pusilla
Gorgyrella schreineri Idiopidae 25, pl. 1, f. 3-4 (Df) Gorgyrella schreineri
Harpactira baviana Theraphosidae 30, pl. 1, f. 9 (Dmf) Harpactira baviana
Hogna schreineri Lycosidae 35 (Dmf) Lycosa schreineri
Lycosa rimicola Lycosidae 37 (Dmf) Lycosa rimicola
Proevippa bruneipes Lycosidae 39 (Dmf) Lycosa bruneipes
Pterartoria arbuscula Lycosidae 38 (Dmf) Lycosa arbuscula
Pterartoria lativittata Lycosidae 38 (Dmf) Lycosa lativittata
Seothyra schreineri Eresidae 32, pl. 1, f. 5-7 (Dmf) Seothyra schreineri
Stasimopus schreineri Stasimopidae 19 (Dmf) Stasimopus schreineri
Stasimopus unispinosus Stasimopidae 22, pl. 1, f. 1-2 (Df) Stasimopus unispinosus
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Seothyra Purcell, 1903 Eresidae ?