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Moradmand, M. (2015). Revision of the grass huntsman spider genus Pseudomicrommata Järvi, 1914 (Araneae: Sparassidae) in the Afrotropical Region. African Invertebrates 56(2): 425-443. doi:10.5733/afin.056.0213 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Pseudomicrommata longipes Sparassidae 429, f. 1, 3-14 (mf) Pseudomicrommata longipes
Pseudomicrommata mary Sparassidae 436, f. 23-32 (Dmf) Pseudomicrommata mary
Pseudomicrommata schoemanae Sparassidae 440, f. 33-39 (Df) Pseudomicrommata schoemanae
Pseudomicrommata vittigera Sparassidae (removed f from S of P. longipes, contra Levy, 1989: 163, Dm) Pseudomicrommata vittigera
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