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Polotow, D., Carmichael, A. & Griswold, C. E. (2015). Total evidence analysis of the phylogenetic relationships of Lycosoidea spiders (Araneae, Entelegynae). Invertebrate Systematics 29: 124-163. doi:10.1071/IS14041 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Alopecosa kochi Lycosidae 144, f. 15E, 19F, 21C (mf) Alopecosa kochi
Anyphaena pacifica Anyphaenidae 142, f. 13D, 18F (m) Anyphaena pacifica
Architis brasiliensis Pisauridae 149, f. 16A, 19C, 20E (f) Architis brasiliensis
Austrotengella toddae Zoropsidae 149, f. 20F (f) Austrotengella toddae
Cheiracanthium fisheri Cheiracanthiidae 149, f. 20A (f) Cheiracanthium fisheri
Coelotes terrestris Agelenidae 142, f. 11D, 13B (m) Coelotes terrestris
Cupiennius salei Trechaleidae 150, f. 16B, 21F (f) Cupiennius salei
Desis formidabilis Desidae 143, f. 10E, 14B, 20B, 21A (mf) Desis formidabilis
Draposa tenasserimensis Lycosidae 150, f. 19E, 21E (f) Draposa tenasserimensis
Griswoldia acaenata Zoropsidae 149, f. 10A, 17B, 20C (f) Griswoldia acaenata
Kilyana hendersoni Zoropsidae 144, f. 10G, 15A (m) Kilyana hendersoni
Megadictyna thilenii Megadictynidae 142, f. 10D, 13A (m) Megadictyna thilenii
Psechrus cebu Psechridae 144, f. 15C (m) Psechrus cebu
Stiphidion facetum Stiphidiidae 143, f. 10C, 11E, 14A, 18D (m) Stiphidion facetum
Trachelas tranquillus Trachelidae 143, f. 14C (m) Trachelas tranquillus
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