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Benjamin, S. P. (2015b). Model mimics: antlike jumping spiders of the genus Myrmarachne from Sri Lanka. Journal of Natural History 49(43-44): 2609-2666. doi:10.1080/00222933.2015.1034209 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Myrmage dishani Salticidae 2618, f. 5A-C, 6A-D, 7A-F, 8G-H (Dmf) Myrmarachne dishani
Myrmage imbellis Salticidae 2623, f. 8A-F, 9A-D, 10A-C, 11A-C, 12A-F (mf) Myrmarachne imbellis
Myrmaplata plataleoides Salticidae 2646, f. 29A-D, 30A-D, 31A-E (mf) Myrmarachne plataleoides
Myrmarachne bicurvata Salticidae 2613, f. 2A-D, 3A-D, 4A-F (m) Myrmarachne bicurvata
Myrmarachne melanocephala Salticidae 2625, f. 17A-D, 18A-D, 19A-D (m, S) Myrmarachne melanocephala
Myrmarachne morningside Salticidae 2628, f. 20A-D, 21A-D, 22A-D (Dm) Myrmarachne morningside
Myrmarachne nemorensis Salticidae 2660, f. 39A-B (m) Myrmarachne nemorensis
Myrmarachne opaca Salticidae 2660, f. 39C-F (m) Myrmarachne opaca
Myrmarachne prava Salticidae 2634, f. 23A-E, 24A-D, 25A-D, 26A-D, 27A-C, 28A-E (removedĀ m from nomen dubium contra Roewer, 1955c: 1649, T from Salticus, Sf) Myrmarachne prava
Myrmarachne pumilio Salticidae 2660, f. 40A-E (removed m from nomen dubium contra Roewer, 1955c: 166, T from Synemosyna, Sf) Myrmarachne pumilio
Myrmarachne ramunni Salticidae 2651, f. 2E-F, 3E-F (m) Myrmarachne ramunni
Myrmarachne robusta Salticidae 2660, f. 41A-B (m, Sf) Myrmarachne robusta
Myrmarachne spissa Salticidae 2652, f. 32A-J, 33A-D, 34A-D, 35A-F, 36A-C, 37A-F (m, Df) Myrmarachne spissa
Myrmarachne uniseriata Salticidae 2613, f. 1A-D (Dm) [] Myrmarachne aurantiaca
Panachraesta paludosa Salticidae 2629, f. 13A-B, 14A-G, 15A-H, 16A-D (Tf from Panachraesta=Myrmarachne, Dm) Myrmarachne paludosa
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