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Zonstein, S. L., Marusik, Y. M. & Omelko, M. M. (2015). A survey of spider taxa new to Israel (Arachnida: Araneae). Zoology in the Middle East 61(4): 372-385. doi:10.1080/09397140.2015.1095525 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agroeca parva Liocranidae 376, f. 2a-f (mf) Agroeca parva
Aulonia kratochvili Lycosidae 377, f. 3a-c (mf) Aulonia kratochvili
Ero flammeola Mimetidae 378, f. 1e-g (m) Ero flammeola
Hahnia nava Hahniidae 373 (S) Hahnia nava
Hogna effera Lycosidae 377, f. 2h-i (f, S of Geolycosa iaffa, rejected by Logunov, 2020a: 355, see Hogna effera; misidentified per Logunov, 2020a: 358) Hogna ferox
Maculoncus parvipalpus Linyphiidae 374, f. 1a-d (f) Maculoncus parvipalpus
Neon rayi Salticidae 381, f. 5a-d (f) Neon rayi
Pardosa aenigmatica Lycosidae 377, f. 2g (f) Pardosa aenigmatica
Phyxelida anatolica Phyxelididae 379, f. 4a-b (f) Phyxelida anatolica
Trochosa urbana Lycosidae 378 (Tmf from Geolycosa) Trochosa urbana
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