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Seo, B. K. (2013c). Four linyphiid spiders (Araneae: Linyphiidae) new to Korea. Korean Journal of Applied Entomology 52(3): 171-179. doi:10.5656/KSAE.2013.04.0.008 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Centromerus sylvaticus Linyphiidae 172, f. 1-7 (mf) Centromerus sylvaticus
Ryojius japonicus Linyphiidae 174, f. 8-15 (mf) Ryojius japonicus
Sachaliphantes sachalinensis Linyphiidae 175, f. 16-23 (mf) Sachaliphantes sachalinensis
Tmeticus vulcanicus Linyphiidae 177, f. 24-31 (mf) Tmeticus vulcanicus
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