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Helsdingen, P. J. van & IJland, S. (2015). A quick scan of the spider fauna in the surroundings of Përmet, Albania (Arachnida, Araneae) – preliminary report. Nieuwsbrief SPINED 35: 15-33. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Amaurobius kratochvili Amaurobiidae 25, f. 8 (f) Amaurobius cf. kratochvili
Amaurobius phaeacus Amaurobiidae 25, f. 9 (f) Amaurobius phaeacus
Asthenargus bracianus Linyphiidae 26, f. 16-18 (f) Asthenargus bracianus
Cheiracanthium ienisteai Cheiracanthiidae 25, f. 13-15 (m) Cheiracanthium cf. ienisteai
Heterotrichoncus pusillus Linyphiidae 27, f. 19 (f) Heterotrichoncus pusillus
Maimuna vestita Agelenidae 24, f. 7 (f) Maimuna vestita
Trichoncus sordidus Linyphiidae 29, f. 20-23 (f) Trichoncus sordidus
Walckenaeria abantensis Linyphiidae 30, f. 24 (f) Walckenaeria cf. abantensis
Xysticus thessalicus Thomisidae 31, f. 30-32 (mf) Xysticus thessalicus
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