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Kaderka, R. (2016a). The Neotropical genus Cyriocosmus Simon, 1903 and new species from Peru, Brazil and Venezuela (Araneae: Theraphosidae: Theraphosinae). Journal of Natural History 50(7-8): 393-465. doi:10.1080/00222933.2015.1076082 download pdf


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Cyriocosmus aueri Theraphosidae 412, f. 7-8, 10a-e, 11a-e, 25e-f, 27c, 29c, 31a-d, 33g-h (Dmf) Cyriocosmus aueri
Cyriocosmus giganteus Theraphosidae 433, f. 20a-f, 25g-h, 28b (Dm) Cyriocosmus giganteus
Cyriocosmus hoeferi Theraphosidae 419, f. 12a-b, 13a-g, 14a-f, 26e-h, 28a, 29d (Dmf) Cyriocosmus hoeferi
Cyriocosmus itayensis Theraphosidae 403, f. 4a-b, 5a-e, 6a-e, 25c-d, 27b, 29b, 31e-h, 33e-f (Dmf) Cyriocosmus itayensis
Cyriocosmus leetzi Theraphosidae 453, f. 32a-b, 34, 35a (mf) Cyriocosmus leetzi
Cyriocosmus nicholausgordoni Theraphosidae 427, f. 17a-b, 18a-e, 19a-e, 28c, 32c-d, 35b (Dmf) Cyriocosmus nicholausgordoni
Cyriocosmus perezmilesi Theraphosidae 448, f. 32g-h (m) Cyriocosmus perezmilesi
Cyriocosmus peruvianus Theraphosidae 398, f. 1a-b, 2a-e, 3a-e, 25a-b, 27a, 29a, 30a-h, 33a-d (Dmf) Cyriocosmus peruvianus
Cyriocosmus pribiki Theraphosidae 445, f. 29e (f) Cyriocosmus pribiki
Cyriocosmus ritae Theraphosidae 438, f. 22a-c, 23a-e, 24a-b, 26a-b, 27d, 29f, 33i-j (m, Df) Cyriocosmus ritae
Cyriocosmus sellatus Theraphosidae 436, f. 21a-f, 26c-d, 32e-f (m) Cyriocosmus sellatus
Cyriocosmus williamlamari Theraphosidae 424, f. 15, 16a-f, 29g (Df) Cyriocosmus williamlamari
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