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Pérez-González, A., Rubio, G. D. & Ramírez, M. J. (2016). Insights on vulval morphology in Ochyroceratinae with a rediagnosis of the subfamily and description of the first Argentinean species (Araneae: Synspermiata: Ochyroceratidae). Zoologischer Anzeiger 260: 33-44. doi:10.1016/j.jcz.2015.12.001 download pdf


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Althepus stonei Psilodercidae 38, f. 4A-B (f) Althepus stonei
Antrodiaetus robustus Antrodiaetidae 36, f. 2A (f) Antrodiaetus robustus
Appaleptoneta silvicultrix Leptonetidae 37, f. 3C (f) Appaleptoneta silvicultrix
Ariadna mollis Segestriidae 36, f. 2G (f) Ariadna mollis
Crassanapis chilensis Anapidae 37, f. 3E (f) Crassanapis chilensis
Diguetia catamarquensis Diguetidae 36, f. 2I (f) Diguetia catamarquensis
Eriauchenus workmani Archaeidae 37, f. 3D (f) Eriauchenius workmanni
Gradungula sorenseni Gradungulidae 37, f. 3A (f) Gradungula sorenseni
Hypochilus pococki Hypochilidae 36, f. 2B (f) Hypochilus pococki
Nops enae Caponiidae 36, f. 2F (f) Nops enae
Ochyrocera diablo Ochyroceratidae 39, f. 1A-F, 5A, C-E, 6A-I, 7A-F, 8A-I, 9A-C (Dmf) Ochyrocera diablo
Orsolobus pucara Orsolobidae 36, f. 2H (f) Orsolobus pucara
Pholcus djelalabad Pholcidae 36, f. 2J (f) Pholcus djelalabad
Pikelinia tambilloi Filistatidae 36, f. 2C (f) Pikelinia tambilloi
Psiloderces septentrionalis Psilodercidae 42, f. 9D-E (m) Psiloderces aff. septentrionalis
Scytodes globula Scytodidae 36, f. 2E (f) Scytodes globula
Sicarius rupestris Sicariidae 36, f. 2D (f) Sicarius rupestris
Thaida peculiaris Austrochilidae 37, f. 3B (f) Thaida peculiaris
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