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Otto, J. C. & Hill, D. E. (2016a). Males of a new species of Jotus from Australia wave a paddle-shaped lure to solicit nearby females (Araneae: Salticidae: Euophryini). Peckhamia 133.1: 1-39. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Jotus auripes Salticidae 1, f. 1.1, 2 (m) Jotus auripes
Jotus braccatus Salticidae 1, f. 1.2-3 (mf) Jotus braccatus
Jotus debilis Salticidae 1, f. 1.4 (f, may be misplaced here) Jotus debilis
Jotus frosti Salticidae 1, f. 1.5, 3 (m) Jotus frosti
Jotus insulanus Salticidae 1, f. 1.6 (f, may be misplaced here) Jotus insulanus
Jotus maculivertex Salticidae 1, f. 1.7 (m, may be misplaced here) Jotus maculivertex
Jotus minutus Salticidae 1, f. 1.8 (m) Jotus minutus
Jotus ravus Salticidae 1, f. 1.9 (m) Jotus ravus
Jotus remus Salticidae 7, f. 8-34 (Dmf) Jotus remus
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