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Hamilton, C. A., Hendrixson, B. E. & Bond, J. E. (2016). Taxonomic revision of the tarantula genus Aphonopelma Pocock, 1901 (Araneae, Mygalomorphae, Theraphosidae) within the United States. ZooKeys 560: 1-340. [Supplementary material] doi:10.3897/zookeys.560.6264 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Aphonopelma anax Theraphosidae 38, f. 9, 10A-I, 11A-E, 12A-H, 13A-E, Suppl. material 4 (mf, S) Aphonopelma anax
Aphonopelma armada Theraphosidae 49, f. 15, 16A-I, 17A-E, 18A-G (f, Sm) Aphonopelma armada
Aphonopelma atomicum Theraphosidae 58, f. 20, 21A-I, 22A-E, 23A-C (Dmf) Aphonopelma atomicum
Aphonopelma catalina Theraphosidae 66, f. 25, 26A-I,27A-E, 28A-B (Dmf) Aphonopelma catalina
Aphonopelma chalcodes Theraphosidae 74, f. 30, 31A-I, 32A-E, 33A-F, 34A-D, Suppl. material 4 (mf, S) Aphonopelma chalcodes
Aphonopelma chiricahua Theraphosidae 90, f. 36, 37A-I, 38A-F (Dmf) Aphonopelma chiricahua
Aphonopelma eutylenum Theraphosidae 98, f. 40, 41A-I, 42A-E, 43A-H (mf, S) Aphonopelma eutylenum
Aphonopelma gabeli Theraphosidae 112, f. 45, 46A-I, 47A-E, 48A-F (m, Df) Aphonopelma gabeli
Aphonopelma hentzi Theraphosidae 124, f. 50, 51A-I, 52A-E, 53A-I, 54A-F, Suppl. material 4 (mf, S) Aphonopelma hentzi
Aphonopelma icenoglei Theraphosidae 140, f. 56, 57A-I, 58A-E, 59A-E (Dmf) Aphonopelma icenoglei
Aphonopelma iodius Theraphosidae 149, f. 61, 62A-I, 63A-E, 64A-H, 65A-H, 66A-C, Suppl. material 4 (mf, S) Aphonopelma iodius
Aphonopelma johnnycashi Theraphosidae 169, f. 68, 69A-I, 70A-E, 71A-F (Dmf) Aphonopelma johnnycashi
Aphonopelma joshua Theraphosidae 178, f. 73, 74A-I, 75A-E, 76A-F (mf) Aphonopelma joshua
Aphonopelma madera Theraphosidae 187, f. 78, 79A-I, 80A-E, 81A-E (Dmf) Aphonopelma madera
Aphonopelma mareki Theraphosidae 196, f. 83, 84A-I, 85A-E, 86A-F, Suppl. material 4 (Dmf) Aphonopelma mareki
Aphonopelma marxi Theraphosidae 205, f. 88, 89A-I, 90A-E, 91A-E (m, Sf) Aphonopelma marxi
Aphonopelma moderatum Theraphosidae 220, f. 93, 94A-I, 95A-E, 96A-I, Suppl. material 4 (mf, S) Aphonopelma moderatum
Aphonopelma moellendorfi Theraphosidae 231, f. 98A-I (Dm) Aphonopelma moellendorfi
Aphonopelma mojave Theraphosidae 235, f. 100, 101A-I, 102A-E, 103A-F (mf) Aphonopelma mojave
Aphonopelma paloma Theraphosidae 244, f. 105-106, 107A-I, 108A-E, 109A-I, 110A-C (mf) Aphonopelma paloma
Aphonopelma parvum Theraphosidae 254, f. 112, 113A-I, 114A-E, 115A-E (Dmf) Aphonopelma parvum
Aphonopelma peloncillo Theraphosidae 262, f. 117, 118A-I, 119A-E, 120A-E, Suppl. material 4 (Dmf) Aphonopelma peloncillo
Aphonopelma phasmus Theraphosidae 271, f. 122A-I (m) Aphonopelma phasmus
Aphonopelma prenticei Theraphosidae 275, f. 124, 125A-I, 126A-E, 127A-E (Dmf) Aphonopelma prenticei
Aphonopelma saguaro Theraphosidae 288, f. 129, 130A-I, 131A-F, Suppl. material 4 (Dmf) Aphonopelma saguaro
Aphonopelma steindachneri Theraphosidae 295, f. 133, 134A-I, 135A-E, 136A-G (mf, S) Aphonopelma steindachneri
Aphonopelma superstitionense Theraphosidae 308, f. 138, 139A-I, 140A-F (Dmf) Aphonopelma superstitionense
Aphonopelma vorhiesi Theraphosidae 315, f. 142, 143A-I, 144A-E, 145A-H, Suppl. material 4 (m, Df, S) Aphonopelma vorhiesi
Aphonopelma xwalxwal Theraphosidae 325, f. 147, 148A-I (Dm) Aphonopelma xwalxwal
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