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Zhao, Z. & Li, S. Q. (2016). Papiliocoelotes gen. n., a new genus of Coelotinae (Araneae, Agelenidae) spiders from the Wuling Mountains, China. ZooKeys 585: 33-50. doi:10.3897/zookeys.585.8007 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Papiliocoelotes guanyinensis Agelenidae 37, f. 3A-C, 4A-E (Dmf) Papiliocoelotes guanyinensis
Papiliocoelotes guitangensis Agelenidae 41, f. 5A-C, 6A-E (Dmf) Papiliocoelotes guitangensis
Papiliocoelotes jiepingensis Agelenidae 43, f. 7A-C, 8A-E (Dmf) Papiliocoelotes jiepingensis
Papiliocoelotes meiyuensis Agelenidae 46, f. 9A-C, 10A-E (Dmf) Papiliocoelotes meiyuensis
Papiliocoelotes yezhouensis Agelenidae 36, f. 1A-C, 2A-E (Dmf) Papiliocoelotes yezhouensis
Genus Family Page
Papiliocoelotes Zhao & Li, 2016 Agelenidae 35