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Bolzern, A. & Hänggi, A. (2016). Revision of the Nearctic Eratigena and Tegenaria species (Araneae: Agelenidae). Journal of Arachnology 44(2): 105-141. doi:10.1636/R15-81 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Eratigena blanda Agelenidae 114, f. 66-71 (Tf from Tegenaria) Eratigena blanda
Eratigena caverna Agelenidae 115, f. 81-89 (Tmf from Tegenaria) Eratigena caverna
Eratigena decora Agelenidae 115, f. 90-101 (Tmf from Tegenaria) Eratigena decora
Eratigena edmundoi Agelenidae 110, f. 17-29 (Dmf) Eratigena edmundoi
Eratigena fernandoi Agelenidae 115, f. 102-113 (Dmf) Eratigena fernandoi
Eratigena flexuosa Agelenidae 112, f. 30-41 (Df, Tm from Tegenaria) Eratigena flexuosa
Eratigena florea Agelenidae 113, f. 42-53 (Dm, Tf from Tegenaria) Eratigena florea
Eratigena gertschi Agelenidae 116, f. 72-80 (cf. gertschi), 114-125 (Df, Tm from Tegenaria) Eratigena gertschi
Eratigena guanato Agelenidae 117, f. 126-137 (Dmf) Eratigena guanato
Eratigena mexicana Agelenidae 118, f. 138-149 (Tmf from Tegenaria) Eratigena mexicana
Eratigena queretaro Agelenidae 118, f. 150-161 (Dmf) Eratigena queretaro
Eratigena rothi Agelenidae 119, f. 162-173 (Tmf from Tegenaria) Eratigena rothi
Eratigena selva Agelenidae 120, f. 174-194 (Tmf from Tegenaria) Eratigena selva
Eratigena tlaxcala Agelenidae 120, f. 195-206 (Tmf from Tegenaria) Eratigena tlaxcala
Eratigena xilitla Agelenidae 121, f. 207-218 (Dmf) Eratigena xilitla
Eratigena yarini Agelenidae 114, f. 54-64 (Dmf) Eratigena yarini
Tegenaria chiricahuae Agelenidae 107, f. 8-16 (mf) Tegenaria chiricahuae
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