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Baehr, B. C. & Whyte, R. (2016a). The peacock spiders (Araneae: Salticidae: Maratus) of the Queensland Museum, including six new species. Zootaxa 4154(5): 501-525. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.4154.5.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Maratus anomalus Salticidae 509, f. 7A,D,G (m) Maratus anomalus
Maratus chrysomelas Salticidae 503, f. 1B,E,H (m) Maratus chrysomelas
Maratus digitatus Salticidae 515, f. 11C,F,I (m) Maratus digitatus
Maratus eliasi Salticidae 515, f. 11A,D,G, 12A-I (Dm) Maratus eliasi
Maratus julianneae Salticidae 511, f. 7B,E,H, 8A-N (Dm) Maratus julianneae
Maratus kiwirrkurra Salticidae 503, f. 1A,D,G, 2A-K (Dm) Maratus kiwirrkurra
Maratus licunxini Salticidae 505, f. 1C,F,I, 4A-I, 5A-F (Dmf) Maratus licunxini
Maratus michaelorum Salticidae 511, f. 7C,F,I, 10A-I (Dm) Maratus michaelorum
Maratus ottoi Salticidae 518, f. 11B,E,H, 13A-I (Dmf) Maratus ottoi
Maratus pavonis Salticidae 522, f. 15C,F,I, 16A-I (m) Maratus pavonis var. nornalup
Maratus speciosus Salticidae 524, f. 15B,E,H (m) Maratus speciosus
Maratus volans Salticidae 524, f. 15A,D,G (m) Maratus volans
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