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Marusik, Y. M., Omelko, M. M. & Koponen, S. (2016b). Rare and new for the fauna of the Russian Far East spiders (Aranei). Far Eastern Entomologist 317: 1-15. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acantholycosa zonsteini Lycosidae 7, f. 26-27 (m) [misidentified per Marusik & Omelko, 2017: 597] Acantholycosa ? baltoroi
Agroeca montana Liocranidae 7, f. 24-25 (f) Agroeca montana
Eskovina clava Linyphiidae 3, f. 1-3 (f) Eskovina clava
Gongylidioides ussuricus Linyphiidae 4, f. 4-9 (m) Gongylidioides ussuricus
Leucauge subblanda Tetragnathidae 9, f. 32-35, 39-42 (mf) Leucauge subblanda
Leucauge subgemmea Tetragnathidae 11, f. 36-38 (f) Leucauge subgemmea
Mimetus testaceus Mimetidae 8, f. 28-31 (f) Mimetus testaceus
Moneta caudifera Theridiidae 13, f. 43-49 (mf) Moneta caudifera
Neottiura margarita Theridiidae 13, f. 50-53 (m) Neottiura margarita
Oreonetides longembolus Linyphiidae 5, f. 10-23 (m, Df) "Oreonetides" longembolus
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