Included taxa

Banks, N. (1905a). Synopses of North American invertebrates. XX. Families and genera of Araneida. American Naturalist 39: 293-323. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Attidops youngi Salticidae 322 Attidops youngi
Attinella dorsata Salticidae 322 Attinella dorsata
Ceratinops annulipes Linyphiidae 309 Ceratinops annulipes
Ceratinopsis interpres Linyphiidae 312 Notionella interpres
Evarcha hoyi Salticidae 322 Pellenes hoyi
Florinda coccinea Linyphiidae 311 Linyphiella coccinea
Genus Family Page
Attidops Banks, 1905 Salticidae ?
Attinella Banks, 1905 Salticidae 322
Ceratinops Banks, 1905 Linyphiidae ?