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Yao, Z. Y., Dong, T. T., Zheng, G., Fu, Y. Z. & Li, S. Q. (2016). High endemism at cave entrances: a case study of spiders of the genus Uthina. Scientific Reports 6(35757): 1-9, I-LII. doi:10.1038/srep35757 download pdf


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Uthina huahinensis Pholcidae XIX, f. S6A-D, S7A-D, S8A-B (Dmf) Uthina huahinensis
Uthina huifengi Pholcidae XX, f. S9A-D, S10A-D, S11A-B (Dmf) Uthina huifengi
Uthina javaensis Pholcidae XXI, f. S12A-E (Df) Uthina javaensis
Uthina muangensis Pholcidae XXII, f. S13A-D, S14A-D, S15A-B (Dmf) Uthina muangensis
Uthina potharamensis Pholcidae XXIII, f. S16A-D, S17A-D, S18A-B (Dmf) Uthina potharamensis
Uthina saiyokensis Pholcidae XXIII, f. S19A-D, S20A-D, S21A-B (Dmf) Uthina saiyokensis
Uthina sarikaensis Pholcidae XXV, f. S22A-E (Df) Uthina sarikaensis
Uthina sulawesiensis Pholcidae XXV, f. S23A-D, S24A-D, S25A-B (Dmf) Uthina sulawesiensis
Uthina wongpromi Pholcidae XXVI, f. S26A-D, S27A-C (Dm) Uthina wongpromi
Uthina yunchuni Pholcidae XXVII, f. S28A-E (Df) Uthina yunchuni
Uthina zhigangi Pholcidae XXVIII, f. S29A-E (Df) Uthina zhigangi
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