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Wang, F., Ballesteros, J. A., Hormiga, G., Chesters, D., Zhang, Y. J., Sun, N., Zhu, C. D., Chen, W. & Tu, L. H. (2015c). Resolving the phylogeny of a speciose spider group, the family Linyphiidae (Araneae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 91: 135-149 & Appendices. doi:10.1016/j.ympev.2015.05.005 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acanoides beijingensis Linyphiidae 142, f. 2g (f) Acanoides beijingensis
Arcuphantes awanus Linyphiidae 143, f. 3g (f) Arcuphantes awanus
Centromerus trilobus Linyphiidae 142, f. 2d (f) Centromerus trilobus
Dicymbium tibiale Linyphiidae 142, f. 2h, 3e (f) Dicymbium tibiale
Gonatium japonicum Linyphiidae 142, f. 2i, 3i (f) Gonatium japonicum
Helophora insignis Linyphiidae 142, f. 2f (f) Helophora insignis
Kaestneria pullata Linyphiidae 143, f. 3f (f) Kaestneria pullata
Linyphia triangularis Linyphiidae 142, f. 2c, 3c (f) Linyphia triangularis
Porrhomma longjiangense Linyphiidae 143, f. 3h (f) Porrhomma longjiangense
Putaoa huaping Pimoidae 142, f. 2a, 3a (f) Putaoa huaping
Tenuiphantes mengei Linyphiidae 142, f. 2e (f) Tenuiphantes mengei
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