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Maddison, W. P. & Maddison, D. R. (2016). Two new jumping spider species of the Habronattus clypeatus group (Araneae, Salticidae, Harmochirina). ZooKeys 625: 1-10. doi:10.3897/zookeys.625.9891 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Habronattus arcalorus Salticidae 4, f. 10-21 (Dmf), f. 22-26 (cf. arcalorus from Mexico) Habronattus arcalorus
Habronattus aztecanus Salticidae 3, f. 9 (m, leg III) Habronattus aztecanus
Habronattus californicus Salticidae 3, f. 7 (m, leg III) Habronattus californicus
Habronattus clypeatus Salticidae 3, f. 2-3 (m, leg III, two forms) Habronattus clypeatus
Habronattus divaricatus Salticidae 3, f. 8 (m, leg III) Habronattus divaricatus
Habronattus dossenus Salticidae 3, f. 1 (m, leg III) Habronattus dossenus
Habronattus formosus Salticidae 3, f. 5 (m, leg III) Habronattus formosus
Habronattus forticulus Salticidae 3, f. 6 (m, leg III) Habronattus forticulus
Habronattus gilaensis Salticidae 7, f. 27-32 (Dmf) Habronattus gilaensis
Habronattus velivolus Salticidae 3, f. 4 (m, leg III) Habronattus velivolus
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