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Yoo, J. S., Lee, S. Y., Im, M. S. & Kim, S. T. (2015). Bibliographic checklist of Korean spiders (Arachnida: Araneae) ver. 2015. Journal of Species Research 1(Special Issue): 1-112. doi:10.12651/JSR.2015.4(S).001 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Alloclubionoides coreanus Agelenidae 58 (S of Alloclubionoides boryeongensis) Alloclubionoides coreanus
Callobius koreanus Amaurobiidae 65 (S of Callobius woljeongensis) Callobius koreanus
Cybaeus triangulus Cybaeidae 62 (S of Cybaeus cappa and of C. nodongensis) Cybaeus triangulus
Draconarius coreanus Agelenidae 60 (S of Alloclubionoides persona) Draconarius coreanus
Draconarius kayasanensis Agelenidae 61 (Sf of Alloclubionoides woljeongensis) Draconarius kayasanensis
Ketambea nigripectoris Linyphiidae 35 (S of Neriene woljeongensis) Neriene nigripectoris
Nesticus gastropodus Nesticidae 5 ("uncertain species") Nesticus gastropodus
Paraceto orientalis Trachelidae 71 (S of Trachelas joopili) Cetonana orientalis
Pardosa yongduensis Lycosidae 5 ("uncertain species") Pardosa yongduensis
Pholcus kwangkyosanensis Pholcidae 5 ("uncertain species") Pholcus kwangkyosanensis
Pholcus parkyeonensis Pholcidae 5 ("uncertain species") Pholcus parkyeonensis
Pholcus pojeonensis Pholcidae 5 ("uncertain species") Pholcus pojeonensis
Pholcus woongil Pholcidae 13 (S of Pholcus uksuensis) Pholcus woongil
Plebs sachalinensis Araneidae 50 (S of Plebs yebongsanensis) Plebs sachalinensis
Rhene myunghwani Salticidae 6 ("uncertain species") Rhene myunghwani
Sinopoda aureola Sparassidae 79 (S of Sinopoda aureola) Sinopoda stellatops
Sinopoda forcipata Sparassidae 78 (S of Sinopoda jirisanensis) Sinopoda forcipata
Sinopoda koreana Sparassidae 78 (S of Sinopoda clivus and of S. yeoseodoensis) Sinopoda koreana
Thanatus nodongensis Philodromidae 6 ("uncertain species") Thanatus nodongensis
Tibellus kimi Philodromidae 6 ("uncertain species") Tibellus kimi
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