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Lissner, J., Jensen, J.-K., Hansen, L. J., Simonsen, W., Kelduni, R. & Nissen, K. (2016). An updated checklist of spiders (Araneae) of the Faroe Islands. Norwegian Journal of Entomology 63(2): 197-240. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Arctosa alpigena Lycosidae 223, f. 3b (m) Arctosa alpigena
Baryphyma trifrons Linyphiidae 210, f. 3a (f) Baryphyma trifrons
Erigone whymperi Linyphiidae 215, f. 5, 6a-b (f) Erigone whymperi
Porrhomma campbelli Linyphiidae 219, f. 8a (f) Porrhomma campbelli
Porrhomma pallidum Linyphiidae 220, f. 8b (f) Porrhomma pallidum
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