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Zonstein, S. L. (2016b). A redescription and synonymy of North African mygalomorph Iberesia barbara (Lucas, 1846), comb.n. (Aranei: Nemesiidae). Arthropoda Selecta 25(4): 385-393. doi:10.15298/arthsel.25.4.06 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Iberesia barbara Nemesiidae 387, f. fig 1-18 (mf, T from Nemesia, S of Nemesia vittipes) Iberesia barbara
Iberesia brauni Nemesiidae 387, f. 19-20, 24-25, 28 (mf) Iberesia brauni
Iberesia castillana Nemesiidae 387, f. 21, 26 (m) Iberesia castillana
Iberesia machadoi Nemesiidae 387, f. 22-23, 27, 29 (mf) Iberesia machadoi
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