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Nunn, S. C., West, R. C. & Wirth, V. von (2016). A revision of the selenocosmiine tarantula genus Phlogiellus Pocock 1897 (Araneae: Theraphosidae), with description of 4 new species. International Journal of Zoology 2016(9895234): 1-54. doi:10.1155/2016/9895234 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Chilobrachys subarmatus Theraphosidae 48 (T from Phlogiellus) Chilobrachys subarmatus
Orphnaecus kwebaburdeos Theraphosidae 48 (T from Phlogiellus) Orphnaecus kwebaburdeos
Phlogiellus atriceps Theraphosidae 9, f. 1, 2a-c, 3a-f, 4a-d (m) Phlogiellus atriceps
Phlogiellus baeri Theraphosidae 12, f. 5a-b, 6a-f, 7a-g, 8a-e (Dmf) Phlogiellus baeri
Phlogiellus bicolor Theraphosidae 48 ('incertae sedis', type immature) Phlogiellus bicolor
Phlogiellus bogadeki Theraphosidae 19, f. 10, 11a-e, 12a-d, 13a-c (Df) Phlogiellus bogadeki
Phlogiellus insulanus Theraphosidae 24, f. 15a-c, 16a-d, 17a-g (Tm from Selenocosmia) Phlogiellus insulanus
Phlogiellus insulanus borneoensis Theraphosidae 24 (T of the species from Selenocosmia) Phlogiellus insulanus borneoensis
Phlogiellus insularis Theraphosidae 48 ('incertae sedis', type immature) Phlogiellus insularis
Phlogiellus johnreylazoi Theraphosidae 24, f. 18a-b, 19a-f, 20a-f, 21a-d, 22a-d, 23a-c (Dmf) Phlogiellus johnreylazoi
Phlogiellus moniqueverdezae Theraphosidae 33, f. 25a-b, 26a-f, 27a-e, 28a-f, 29a-c (Dmf) Phlogiellus moniqueverdezae
Phlogiellus nebulosus Theraphosidae 48 (species inquirenda) Phlogiellus nebulosus
Phlogiellus obscurus Theraphosidae 37, f. 31a-b, 32a-d, 33a-e, 34c (Tm from Selenocosmia) Phlogiellus obscurus
Phlogiellus ornatus Theraphosidae 48 (species inquirenda) Phlogiellus ornatus
Phlogiellus orophilus Theraphosidae 38, f. 35a-d, 36a-d, 37a-c (Tf from Selenocosmia) Phlogiellus orophilus
Phlogiellus pelidnus Theraphosidae 38, f. 38, 39a-f, 40a-d, 41a-f, 42a-e (Df) Phlogiellus pelidnus
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