Included taxa

Smith, F. P. (1905a). The spiders of the Walckenaeria-Group. Journal of the Quekett Microscopical Club (2) 9(57): 239-246. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Walckenaeria acuminata Linyphiidae 244 Jacksonia cornuta
Walckenaeria atrotibialis Linyphiidae 243 Arrecerus atrotibialis
Walckenaeria capito Linyphiidae 244 Jacksonia capito
Walckenaeria furcillata Linyphiidae 246 Viderius nigriceps
Walckenaeria nodosa Linyphiidae 244 Jacksonia nodosa
Walckenaeria nudipalpis Linyphiidae 245, p. 5 Jacksonia nudipalpis
Walckenaeria obtusa Linyphiidae 244 Jacksonia obtusa
Genus Family Page
Jacksonia Smith, 1905 Linyphiidae 243