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Izquierdo, M. A. & Ramírez, M. J. (2017). Taxonomic revision of the jumping goblin spiders of the genus Orchestina Simon, 1882, in the Americas (Araneae: Oonopidae). Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 410: 1-362. doi:10.1206/0003-0090-410.1.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Orchestina andianavarroi Oonopidae 107, f. 178E, 186A-C, 195B, E-G, 197D (Df) Orchestina andianavarroi
Orchestina aproeste Oonopidae 83, f. 120A-C, 134F (Df) Orchestina aproeste
Orchestina aragua Oonopidae 47, f. 53A-D, 59A-C, 63G-H (Dm) Orchestina aragua
Orchestina arboleda Oonopidae 45, f. 46A-C, 60B, 61B, 64B (Df) Orchestina arboleda
Orchestina atocongo Oonopidae 72, f. 102K-L, 105A-D, 108G-I (Dm) Orchestina atocongo
Orchestina auburndalensis Oonopidae 34, f. 13A-C, 18G, 22C (Df) Orchestina auburndalensis
Orchestina bolivar Oonopidae 48, f. 54A-C, 59D-F, 63I-J (Dm) Orchestina bolivar
Orchestina bonaldoi Oonopidae 88, f. 124A-C, 135E, 138D, 143B (Df) Orchestina bonaldoi
Orchestina cachai Oonopidae 101, f. 155A-G, 156A-F, 157A-H, 158A-F, 159A-F, 160A-B, 161A-B, 164A, 168D-F, 170G, 172G, 173B, 174B, 175F, 177D (Dmf) Orchestina cachai
Orchestina cajamarca Oonopidae 70, f. 102F-G, 103A-F, 108A-C, 110A, 111F (Dmf) Orchestina cajamarca
Orchestina caleta Oonopidae 95, f. 152A-F, 153A-F, 165A-C, 170C, 172C, 173I, 174H, 175B, 177A-C, 178C (Dmf) Orchestina caleta
Orchestina cali Oonopidae 45, f. 47A-F, 48A-D, 49A-F, 50A-D, 51A-F, 58D-F, 60C, 61C, 63C-D, 64A (Dmf) Orchestina cali
Orchestina campana Oonopidae 42, f. 35A-G, 38G-I, 40A, 41E (Dmf) Orchestina campana
Orchestina catarina Oonopidae 89, f. 125D-F, 126A-E, 133A-C, 136D, 139C, 140B,D, 143C (Dmf) Orchestina catarina
Orchestina caxiuana Oonopidae 84, f. 121A-C, 135A, 138A, 142D (Df) Orchestina caxiuana
Orchestina chaparrita Oonopidae 35, f. 24A-F, 36A-C, 39B, 42A-B, 44B (Dmf) Orchestina chaparrita
Orchestina chiriqui Oonopidae 39, f. 32A-G, 37G-I, 39E, 41F, 44F (Dmf) Orchestina chiriqui
Orchestina coari Oonopidae 79, f. 107D-F, 111D, 134C, 137C (Df) Orchestina coari
Orchestina comaina Oonopidae 71, f. 102H-J, 104A-F, 106A-E, 108D-F, 110B (Dmf) Orchestina comaina
Orchestina cristinae Oonopidae 75, f. 112A-D, 113A-F, 114A-G, 115A-H, 116A-F, 117A-D, 131A-C, 134A-B, 137A-B, 140E-G, 144C (Dmf) Orchestina cristinae
Orchestina curico Oonopidae 100, f. 164F, 166D-F, 169C, 171C, 173G, 174E, 176C (Dmf) Orchestina curico
Orchestina dentifera Oonopidae 26, f. 25A-G, 26A-D, 27A-F, 36D-F, 41A, 43A-F, 44C (mf) Orchestina dentifera
Orchestina divisor Oonopidae 86, f. 130C-E, 136A, 139A, 144A-C (Df) Orchestina divisor
Orchestina ecuatorensis Oonopidae 54, f. 71A-D, 72A-E, 73A-E, 74A-F, 75A-F, 93A-C, 100C-E (Dm) Orchestina ecuatorensis
Orchestina erwini Oonopidae 52, f. 65A-C, 66A-E, 67A-E, 68A-K, 69A-E, 70A-D, 92D-F, 100A-B (Dm) Orchestina erwini
Orchestina fernandina Oonopidae 50, f. 57A-C, 60H, 61H, 64H (Df) Orchestina fernandina
Orchestina filandia Oonopidae 44, f. 45A-C, 60A, 61A (Df) Orchestina filandia
Orchestina galapagos Oonopidae 49, f. 55C-E, 56A-F, 60G, 61G, 64G (Df) Orchestina galapagos
Orchestina goblin Oonopidae 65, f. 87A-F, 88A-D, 92A-C, 102D-E (Dm) Orchestina goblin
Orchestina golem Oonopidae 58, f. 78A-C, 79A-F, 95A-F, 101A-F (Dm) Orchestina golem
Orchestina granizo Oonopidae 98, f. 164D, 166G-I, 173D, 174C, 178D (Dm) Orchestina granizo
Orchestina grismadoi Oonopidae 93, f. 146A-D, 147B,D, 148B, 197B (Df) Orchestina grismadoi
Orchestina griswoldi Oonopidae 39, f. 31A-E, 37D-F, 39D (Dmf) Orchestina griswoldi
Orchestina guatemala Oonopidae 36, f. 28A-C, 39C, 41B, 44D (Df) Orchestina guatemala
Orchestina iemanja Oonopidae 88, f. 122D-F, 135D, 138C, 143A (Df) Orchestina iemanja
Orchestina itapety Oonopidae 89, f. 125A-C, 136C, 138F (Df) Orchestina itapety
Orchestina jaiba Oonopidae 104, f. 162A-F, 164B, 167A-C, 169A, 171A, 173E, 174D, 176A, 178F (Dmf) Orchestina jaiba
Orchestina juruti Oonopidae 86, f. 129A-D, 132D-F, 136B, 139B, 141D-F, 144B (Dmf) Orchestina juruti
Orchestina kairi Oonopidae 49, f. 55A-B, 60F, 62C (Df) Orchestina kairi
Orchestina kamehameha Oonopidae 32, f. 10A-G, 16D-F, 18D, 19D, 20I-K, 21D,F (Dmf) Orchestina kamehameha
Orchestina labarquei Oonopidae 41, f. 33A-F, 38A-C, 40B, 41D, 44G (Dmf) Orchestina labarquei
Orchestina laselva Oonopidae 38, f. 30A-E, 36G-I, 40C, 42G-H, 44H (Dmf) Orchestina laselva
Orchestina leon Oonopidae 90, f. 127D-F, 136F, 143E (Df) Orchestina leon
Orchestina losamigos Oonopidae 74, f. 107A-C, 110D, 111G (Df) Orchestina losamigos
Orchestina luispi Oonopidae 107, f. 187A-F, 188A-I, 189A-G, 190A-F, 191A-F, 192A-D, 193A-F, 194D-F, 195C,H, 196B,D,F, 197E, 198A-B,E (Dmf) Orchestina luispi
Orchestina madrededios Oonopidae 73, f. 106E, 110C (Df) Orchestina madrededios
Orchestina magna Oonopidae 57, f. 77A-F, 94A-C, 100H-I (Dm) Orchestina magna
Orchestina mancocapac Oonopidae 72, f. 102M-N, 105E-F, 109A-C (Dm) Orchestina mancocapac
Orchestina maracay Oonopidae 48, f. 61E (Df) Orchestina maracay
Orchestina mayo Oonopidae 70, f. 91A-C, 96D-F (Dm) Orchestina mayo
Orchestina moaba Oonopidae 29, f. 4A-G, 15D-F, 18B, 19B, 20C-D, 21B (mf) Orchestina moaba
Orchestina molles Oonopidae 97, f. 170F, 172F, 175E (Df) Orchestina molles
Orchestina moura Oonopidae 79, f. 137D, 142A (Df) Orchestina moura
Orchestina moyuchi Oonopidae 91, f. 145A-C, 147A,C, 148C-D, 197A (Df) Orchestina moyuchi
Orchestina nadleri Oonopidae 35, f. 14A-F, 17A-C, 18F, 19F, 22B (mf) Orchestina nadleri
Orchestina nahuatl Oonopidae 35, f. 23A-C, 39A, 44A (Df) Orchestina nahuatl
Orchestina nahuelbuta Oonopidae 103, f. 164E, 167D-F, 169D, 171D, 173F, 174G, 176D (Dmf) Orchestina nahuelbuta
Orchestina neblina Oonopidae 49, f. 60I, 62B, 64F (Df) Orchestina neblina
Orchestina obscura Oonopidae 31, f. 5A-C, 15G-I, 20E-F (m) Orchestina obscura
Orchestina osorno Oonopidae 105, f. 163A-C, 169B, 171B, 176B (Df) Orchestina osorno
Orchestina otonga Oonopidae 67, f. 89A-D, 97D-F, 111B (Dmf) Orchestina otonga
Orchestina pakitza Oonopidae 74, f. 106C-D, 110E (Df) Orchestina pakitza
Orchestina pan Oonopidae 41, f. 34A-E, 38D-F, 42E-F (Dm) Orchestina pan
Orchestina pandeazucar Oonopidae 93, f. 149A-E, 150A-D, 151A-F, 161C-D, 164C, 168A-C, 170B, 172B, 173A, 174A, 175A, 178B (Dmf) Orchestina pandeazucar
Orchestina para Oonopidae 85, f. 122A-C, 135B, 138B, 142E (Df) Orchestina para
Orchestina pavesiiformis Oonopidae 24, f. 11A-F, 17D-F, 19G, 20N,O, 22D (mf) Orchestina pavesiiformis
Orchestina pizarroi Oonopidae 97, f. 154A-F, 165D-F, 170E, 172E, 173C, 174I, 175D (Dmf) Orchestina pizarroi
Orchestina platnicki Oonopidae 87, f. 123A-F, 131G-I, 135C, 142F (Dmf) Orchestina platnicki
Orchestina predator Oonopidae 65, f. 86A-D, 97A-C, 102A-C (Dm) Orchestina predator
Orchestina quasimodo Oonopidae 31, f. 6A-F, 7A-G, 8A-D, 9A-C, 16A-C, 18C, 19C, 20G-H, 21C,G-H (Dmf) Orchestina quasimodo
Orchestina quenies Oonopidae 98, f. 164G, 166A-C, 170A, 172A, 173H, 174F, 176E (Dmf) Orchestina quenies
Orchestina quijos Oonopidae 69, f. 90A-F, 96A-C, 99A (Dmf) Orchestina quijos
Orchestina ranchogrande Oonopidae 48, f. 59G-I, 60E, 61F, 63K-L, 64C (Dmf) Orchestina ranchogrande
Orchestina rapaz Oonopidae 89, f. 124D-F, 135F, 138E (Df) Orchestina rapaz
Orchestina retiro Oonopidae 85, f. 130A-B, 132A-C, 141A-C (Dm) Orchestina retiro
Orchestina saltabunda Oonopidae 46, f. 52A-H, 58G-I, 60D, 61D, 63E-F, 64D (mf) Orchestina saltabunda
Orchestina saltitans Oonopidae 33, f. 12A-G, 16G-I, 18E, 19E, 20L-M, 22A (mf) Orchestina saltitans
Orchestina santodomingo Oonopidae 68, f. 99B, 111C (Df) Orchestina santodomingo
Orchestina sarava Oonopidae 91, f. 128A-C, 136G, 143F (Df) Orchestina sarava
Orchestina saudade Oonopidae 91, f. 127A-C, 136E, 139D, 143D (Df) Orchestina saudade
Orchestina shuar Oonopidae 57, f. 65D-G, 93G-I, 100J-L (Dm) Orchestina shuar
Orchestina silvae Oonopidae 72, f. 106A-B, 111E (Df) Orchestina silvae
Orchestina sotoi Oonopidae 56, f. 76A-C, 93D-F, 100F-G (Dm) Orchestina sotoi
Orchestina taruma Oonopidae 85, f. 119A-C, 134E, 137F, 142C (Df) Orchestina taruma
Orchestina totoralillo Oonopidae 95, f. 170D, 172D, 175C, 178A (Df) Orchestina totoralillo
Orchestina truncata Oonopidae 37, f. 30A-E, 36G-I, 40C, 42G-H, 44H (m, Df) Orchestina truncata
Orchestina tzantza Oonopidae 62, f. 85A-D, 98A-C (Dm) Orchestina tzantza
Orchestina ucumar Oonopidae 106, f. 148A, 179A-G, 180A-F, 181A-F, 182A-I, 183A-F, 184A-F, 185A-F, 194A-C, 195A, D, 196A,C,E, 197C, 198C-D (Dmf) Orchestina ucumar
Orchestina utahana Oonopidae 28, f. 3A-H, 15A-C, 18A, 19A, 20A-B, 21A,E (mf) Orchestina utahana
Orchestina valquiria Oonopidae 83, f. 118A-F, 131D-F, 134D, 137E, 140A,C, 142B (Dm) Orchestina valquiria
Orchestina venezuela Oonopidae 47, f. 60J, 62A, 64E (Df) Orchestina venezuela
Orchestina waorani Oonopidae 60, f. 80A-D, 81A-D, 82A-F, 83A-F, 84A-D, 94D-F, 100M-N (Dm) Orchestina waorani
Orchestina yanayacu Oonopidae 67, f. 99C, 111A (Df) Orchestina yanayacu
Orchestina zingara Oonopidae 44, f. 45D-E, 58A-C, 63A-B (Dm) Orchestina zingara
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