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Dupérré, N. & Tapia, E. (2016). Overview of the anyphaenids (Araneae, Anyphaeninae, Anyphaenidae) spider fauna from the Chocó forest of Ecuador, with the description of thirteen new species. European Journal of Taxonomy 255: 1-50. doi:10.5852/ejt.2016.255 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Katissa guyasamini Anyphaenidae 18, f. 22-26 (Dmf) Katissa guyasamini
Katissa kurusiki Anyphaenidae 6, f. 1-6 (Dmf) Katissa kurusiki
Katissa puyu Anyphaenidae 10, f. 7-11 (Dmf) Katissa puyu
Katissa tamya Anyphaenidae 12, f. 12-16 (Dmf) Katissa tamya
Katissa yaya Anyphaenidae 15, f. 17-21 (Dmf) Katissa yaya
Patrera hatunkiru Anyphaenidae 37, f. 54-59 (Dmf) Patrera hatunkiru
Patrera philipi Anyphaenidae 30, f. 41-45 (Dmf) Patrera philipi
Patrera shida Anyphaenidae 33, f. 46-48 (Dm) Patrera shida
Patrera suni Anyphaenidae 40, f. 60-64 (Dmf) Patrera suni
Patrera witsu Anyphaenidae 35, f. 49-53 (Dmf) Patrera witsu
Shuyushka achachay Anyphaenidae 28, f. 37-40 (Dm) Shuyushka achachay
Shuyushka moscai Anyphaenidae 25, f. 32-36 (Dmf) Shuyushka moscai
Shuyushka wachi Anyphaenidae 22, f. 27-31 (Dmf) Shuyushka wachi
Genus Family Page
Shuyushka Dupérré & Tapia, 2016 Anyphaenidae 21