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Lin, Y. C., Koh, J. K. H., Koponen, S. & Li, S. Q. (2017). Taxonomic notes on the armored spiders of the families Pacullidae and Tetrablemmidae (Arachnida, Araneae) from Singapore. ZooKeys 661: 15-60. doi:10.3897/zookeys.661.10677 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Ablemma malacca Tetrablemmidae 26, f. 7A-H, 8A-C, 9A-D (Dmf) Ablemma malacca
Brignoliella besutensis Tetrablemmidae 31, f. 10A-H, 11A-B, 12A-D (mDf) Brignoliella besutensis
Brignoliella michaeli Tetrablemmidae 36, f. 13A-H, 14A-B, 15A-D (mf) Brignoliella michaeli
Paculla bukittimahensis Pacullidae 18, f. 1A-G, 2A-D, 3A-B (Dmf) Paculla bukittimahensis
Paculla globosa Pacullidae 22, f. 4A-G, 5A-D, 6A-B (Dmf) Paculla globosa
Singaporemma adjacens Tetrablemmidae 51, f. 23F (m) Singaporemma adjacens
Singaporemma halongense Tetrablemmidae 45, f. 19A, 21A-D (m) Singaporemma halongense
Singaporemma lenachanae Tetrablemmidae 40, f. 16A-H, 17A-E, 18A-F, 19B-I, 20A-D (Dmf) Singaporemma lenachanae
Singaporemma singulare Tetrablemmidae 47, f. 22A-H, 23A-E, G-H, 24A-H, 25A-E, 26A-D (mf) Singaporemma singulare
Sulaimania brevis Tetrablemmidae 55, f. 27A-H (Dm) Sulaimania brevis
Sulaimania vigelandi Tetrablemmidae 57, f. 28A-E (m) Sulaimania vigelandi
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