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Pekár, S., Petráková, L., Corcobado, G. & Whyte, R. (2017). Revision of eastern Australian ant-mimicking spiders of the genus Myrmarachne (Araneae, Salticidae) reveals a complex of species and forms. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 179(3): 642-676 & Supporting Information. doi:10.1111/zoj.12439 download pdf


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Myrmarachne bicolor Salticidae 645, f. 1A-F, 2A-B, 3A, S1A-B (m, Df, S of M. rubra) Myrmarachne bicolor
Myrmarachne erythrocephala Salticidae 649, f. 2C-D, 3B, 5A-M, S1C-E (Dmf) Myrmarachne erythrocephala
Myrmarachne helensmithae Salticidae 652, f. 2E-F, 3C, 6A-J, S1F-G (Dmf) Myrmarachne helensmithae
Myrmarachne luctuosa Salticidae 654, f. 2G-H, 3D, 7A-J, S1H-I (m, Df, S of M. cognata and M. simoni) Myrmarachne luctuosa
Myrmarachne lupata Salticidae 657, f. 8A-F (m) Myrmarachne lupata
Myrmarachne macaulayi Salticidae 658, f. 9A-J, S1K-L (Dmf) Myrmarachne macaulayi
Myrmarachne macleayana Salticidae 660, f. 2I-J, 3E, 10A-M, S1M-P (m, Df, S of M. jugularis) Myrmarachne macleayana
Myrmarachne milledgei Salticidae 662, f. 11A-J (Dm) Myrmarachne milledgei
Myrmarachne smaragdina Salticidae 554, f. 2K-L, 12A-G, S1Q-R (mf) Myrmarachne smaragdina
Myrmarachne striatipes Salticidae 665, f. 13A-K, S1J (Dmf) Myrmarachne striatipes
Myrmarachne zabkai Salticidae 666, f. 2M-N, 14A-J, S1S (Dmf) Myrmarachne zabkai
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