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Magalhaes, I. L. F., Brescovit, A. D. & Santos, A. J. (2017). Phylogeny of Sicariidae spiders (Araneae: Haplogynae), with a monograph on Neotropical Sicarius. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 179(4): 767-864. doi:10.1111/zoj.12442 download pdf


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Hexophthalma albospinosa Sicariidae 851, f. 20A-B, 21A-B, 62A-C (mf, T from Sicarius) Hexophthalma albospinosa
Hexophthalma damarensis Sicariidae 852 (T from Sicarius) Hexophthalma damarensis
Hexophthalma dolichocephala Sicariidae 850 (T from Sicarius) Hexophthalma dolichocephala
Hexophthalma hahni Sicariidae 850, f. 13B, 14B-C, 16G, 18G, 19C, 23A-C, 24A, 61A-D (mf, T from Sicarius) Hexophthalma hahni
Hexophthalma hahni Sicariidae 852 (T from Sicarius) Hexophthalma testacea
Hexophthalma spatulata Sicariidae 853, f. 6A-D, 12C, 14D, 18H, 19D, 20E-F, 22A-E, 23D-F, 31H (mf, T from Sicarius) Hexophthalma spatulata
Loxosceles hirsuta Sicariidae 855, f. 7A-D, 14A, 63B-D (mf) Loxosceles hirsuta
Loxosceles simillima Sicariidae 855, f. 8A-E, 18I, 63A (m) Loxosceles simillima
Sicarius andinus Sicariidae 827, f. 47A-F (Dmf) Sicarius andinus
Sicarius boliviensis Sicariidae 829, f. 18E, 31E, 32E, 33J, 48A-D, 49A-J (Dmf) Sicarius boliviensis
Sicarius crustosus Sicariidae 815, f. 4C-D, 10A-D, 15C-D, 30D, 33L, 40C-D, 41A-I (Dm, f) Sicarius crustosus
Sicarius diadorim Sicariidae 844, f. 12D, 58A-D (m) Sicarius diadorim
Sicarius fumosus Sicariidae 812, f. 4A-B, 15E, 17B, 18B, 24B, 28B, 31A, 32B, 33D-E, 38A-F, 39A-M, 40B (mf, S of S. deformis) Sicarius fumosus
Sicarius gracilis Sicariidae 825, f. 46A-J (Dmf) Sicarius gracilis
Sicarius jequitinhonha Sicariidae 844, f. 16E, 57A-F, 58E-G (Dmf) Sicarius jequitinhonha
Sicarius lanuginosus Sicariidae 817, f. 15F, 40A, 42A-H (Dmf) Sicarius lanuginosus
Sicarius levii Sicariidae 838, f. 5A-F, 9A-G, 16A-B, 18F, 30C, 31F, 32F, 33K, 54A-K (Dmf) Sicarius levii
Sicarius mapuche Sicariidae 836, f. 18C, 31D, 32D, 33I, 53A-J (Dmf) Sicarius mapuche
Sicarius peruensis Sicariidae 822, f. 16C, 17C, 18D, 31C, 32C, 33F-H, 45A-K (mf) Sicarius peruensis
Sicarius rugosus Sicariidae 848, f. 12B, 15G, 28C, 60A-J (mf) Sicarius rugosus
Sicarius rupestris Sicariidae 831, f. 15H, 50A-G, 51A-L, 52A-E (mf, S of S. patagonicus) Sicarius rupestris
Sicarius saci Sicariidae 841, f. 16D, 55A-F, 56A-F (Dmf) Sicarius saci
Sicarius thomisoides Sicariidae 799, f. 12A, 15A-B, 17D, 18A, 19A, 30A, 31B, 32A, 33A-C, 34A-H, 35A-H, 36A-H, 37A (Dmf, S of S. minoratus, S. nicoleti, S. rubripes and S. terrosus) Sicarius thomisoides
Sicarius utriformis Sicariidae 846, f. 17E, 19B, 28D, 59A-F (Dmf) Sicarius utriformis
Sicarius yurensis Sicariidae 820, f. 28E, 30B, 37B, 43A-D, 44A-H (Dmf, elavated from subspecies of S. terrosus) Sicarius yurensis
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